Bulletproof Coffee!!!!!!! Why bulletproof coffee? Well, working out fasted hasn’t been too big of an issue for me in the past (that is, before starting Crossfit). I don’t think it was a very big issue because when I did workout early in the morning, it was my conditioning time and the sessions typically never exceeded half an hour. Nor were they as strenuous as Crossfit. For the amount of lifting and conditioning I currently do every day, it’s hard to maintain a certain level of intensity with no food in my system. I’ve tried the carb backloading thing and as fun as it is (carbs at night?! YES!), it gave me massive headaches and stomach aches when I woke up. I’m never hungry in the morning and can’t really imagine trying to do what I have planned each day with food in my stomach, so…. BULLETPROOF COFFEE! Tablespoon of coconut oil, tablespoon of butter, blend that puppy up and boom! Instead fat that doesn’t sit in your stomach and keeps you  nice and satiated. :)

Being the smart person that I’ve worked so long and hard to become (tinge of sarcasm there… 😉 ), I am easing back into working out after being sick. I also have been sleeping worse than I usually do, which is already pretty bad. My muscles have been consistently tight and achey for the past week or so, so I don’t want to be stupid and try to go balls to the wall right away. Especially with my competition coming up on the 25th, it wouldn’t be worth it to hurt myself due to my ego cramping. So, here’s another short day.

CLEANS! (Power cleans because I’m still nursing my hip.)

2 power cleans + 1 power Jerk: 3 sets x 3 reps (2 cleans + 1 jerk = 1 ‘rep’), 3 sets x 1 rep

Then just started doing singles of power clean + power jerk. Then…..

12 Minute EMOM, using 70% of 1RM power clean&jerk—

2 Power Cleans

1 Clean and Jerk

20 double unders

I can’t explain to you how much I absolutely love EMOMS. I also can’t explain how deceivingly tiring this was! After the muscle up fiasco that occurred yesterday, I really wasn’t prepared for how wobbly they’d feel under the bar today. I flew out the gate as soon as the clock started and tried to maintain that pace for as long as I possibly could. For things like this, my double unders always get choppy and split up, which isn’t helpful in maintaining a quick pace. Besides that, though, the cleans felt powerful and the jerks…. well, besides that my shoulders felt like glass, they weren’t as bad as expected.


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