Today was purely a running day, and boy was there a lot of running! Here’s what it looked like, plain and simple:

4 Rounds:

1000m run, 1 minute rest, 400m run, 2 minutes rest, 200m run, 30 seconds rest

Total: 6400m (4 miles)

This was rough. As you all know by now, I hate running. Not as much as I used to, though; I actually really enjoyed today. The thing that I think a lot of people will do wrong during this workout is going way too slow on the 1000m runs. Yes, it is a big chunk of a distance, and going balls to the wall from the beginning will leave you absolutely smoked for the hundreds of meters to come. BUT, you also will not reap the benefits of this track workout if you’re moseying along at a 10 minute mile pace. You should be going at a very challenging pace, but not so incredibly challenging that you have to walk at ANY point in time. Of course, it is inevitable that my pace slowed down after the 2nd round, but never once did I stop moving. I never even jogged. You only get so much out of a workout that you put in, and for something like this, YOU NEED TO PUT A LOT IN. I can’t tell you how many times at the gym that I’ve seen people rowing (women, in particular) at a disgustingly slow pace. What are you getting out of it? If it’s in your programming to row a 5k or a 10k or whatever it may be, you shouldn’t automatically assume that a long distance allows for a piss-poor effort. Workouts like these are where perseverance and grit come in to play. They’re difficult and take a whole lot of mental toughness to force yourself to keep going. How you practice is how you perform. If you practice like shit, don’t expect the performance fairy to sprinkle some fairy dust on you so that you can perform like a beast.

After that run, my IT band was feeling a little bit tight, so I just stretched for a good hour, ate some good food, and called it a day. It’s been SO nice having only 4 strength days per week; it allows me to move things around when necessary, fit in endurance/lengthy met-con days when needed, and, of course…. rest.

Be smart, be tough!


  • Posted on 14. January 2014
  • Written by kayla perry
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