“We’re all trying to find our moment… where nothing else matters. Everything else falls away… and you’re so in the zone, that it doesn’t even feel real.” 

kayla perry deadlift comp

I get asked a lot of questions about Crossfit, especially by my parents after this past weekend’s competition. My parents, besides when I was in high school playing lacrosse and running cross country, have never seen me do ANYTHING like this before. They’ve seen clips here and there of the millions of hours of Crossfit and weightlifting videos I watch everyday, but they’ve never seen their own daughter do it. So, whenever I try to explain my accomplishments/frustrations with it, they don’t really seem to have any words to say. Which is understandable, because Crossfit is something that is still pretty new and vague to most people. I think the hardest thing for them to understand is why I love it so much. They always knew I loved it, but after seeing me compete, they really realized that I have a raw drive and passion for this that is unparalleled. I can honestly say that I have never, in my entire life, had such a crazy, insane, raw obsession with something. It’s not even really Crossfit. It’s going through SO many hours of pain and suffering and finally achieving something that is so gratifying I can’t even put into words. The world falls away. Nothing else matters. And that’s a wonderful and rare feeling, because my mind is always racing. Crossfit and weightlifting have saved my life, really, because my mind tends to sneak up on me with all kinds of thoughts racing at a thousand miles an hour.

Enough with the corny stuff, let’s get on to what I did today. Well, I still feel insanely beat up from Saturday. My body is just SORE, EVERYWHERE! I’ve also had this extremely HUGE appetite, and have been eating enough calories to feed two Kaylas. Oh Well! With my training changing a bit and days beginning to revolve around multiple met cons, I guess all of this food is being put to good use. I manned the F up today and started my morning off with a rough met-con.


Thrusters (I used 95)

10m Shuttle Runs (probably a bit longer, it was hard to gauge in my gym at school so I always round up rather than down)


I’m feeling good about my burpees. They’re getting faster and more efficient. And, with the row and track workouts I’ve been doing, my gas tank has definitely improved in the last couple of weeks. Anytime I see light weight in a workout, I use the men’s weight. It makes it a lot more difficult so that when it does come time to do workouts with the Rx women’s weight, it feels like a cake walk. 65 pound thrusters for me these days feel like a PVC pipe simply because I NEVER use 65 pounds in a workout…. always at least 20 pounds heavier. People always say, “If I went that heavy it would take me forever!” Well, let me tell you something: f#ck the clock and f#ck your time. Now, let’s be clear here. If a workout takes an average person 10 minutes and you’re taking 45 minutes to finish, the weight is too heavy. Plain and simple. But if you finish 5 or so minutes within that average person’s time (that used a lighter weight), then who cares that they finished before you? You used a challenging weight and you busted ass and only good things can come from that.

Then, a couple hours later….

Strict Pullups: 10 (no weight) then, 7 sets x 3 reps (started these off weighted with 25 pounds and added 2.5 pounds each set)

Weighted Spread Eagle Sit Ups: 2 sets x 10 reps (+ 25 pound plate)

Then for a little midline wreckage…. wasn’t for time, but should be done obviously unbroken and at a decent pace. Focus on switching out plates quickly and efficiently.


5 Overhead Squats

10 Reverse Hyperextensions

15 GHD Sit ups

I started off the first round with 70 pounds in the overhead squat (focusing on SPEED!!!) and added 10 pounds each round, which means I ended with 110 pounds for the overhead squat on the final round. This wasn’t meant to be a heavy workout, so no bitching and being annoying about the weight please. 😀

Then, to finish the afternoon off….

Handstand + Handstand Walk Practice: 10 minutes

After sitting through two painfully boring classes, I went home and ate like a horse (still feel like I’m on a competition diet…) and did some homework. Even though I was completely exhausted, I knew I hadn’t snatched in almost a week (which is a long ass time for me!) so I headed over to the gym and snatched for a little over an hour, using all sorts of variations. My friend, who has probably the smoothest and fastest and overall crazy-awesomest looking snatch, is always a tremendous help. Knowing that there were some glaring problems with my snatch, we used weight that was less than 50% of my 1RM. I can’t reiterate this enough… if your form sucks, adding plates to each side to stroke your ego will get you nowhere. It takes a lot of frustration and failing and hard ass work to get things to be where they should be. I can’t really tell you the rep/set schemes for what we did, because there was quite a bit of stuff. So here’s what we did, all using really light weight:

10 Second Pulls

Hang Power Snatch 

Muscle Snatch

Snatch High Pull+ Hip Snatch 

Full Snatch 

The snatch high pull+ hip snatch was probably the most helpful. One of my biggest bad habits during snatching is letting the bar bounce off of my thighs to early and letting the bar get too far away from my body. And, because I have such a strong back, I tend to do this back-lash thing where I basically use my entire back in an attempt to hoist the weight upward. Basically, my positioning is just off. So today was a tremendous help and I could already see a little difference at the end of the session from the beginning. Most days are going to be hard and most days are going to suck, and I’m okay with that.

Eat well and have fun. Smile. BE happy!



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