A nice view from my patio this fine AM… 

For some reason, I felt like absolutely destroying my legs (and basically body) today. It was probably because I ate a literal half box of Reese’s Puffs cereal with whole milk. And drank all the peanut buttery and chocolatey milk to cap it all off. Yeah, folks. That’s like 2000 calories of straight corn syrup and sugar…. and deliciousness. Once a week isn’t going to kill you 😉

When I do endurance style workouts (in the form of the long rows/runs/swims), I have to get psyched up the night before. I have to have the idea set in my mind that I am going to wake up, probably be sore/stiff everywhere, get my clothes on, and head to the gym to knock shit out. I had it set in my mind what was in store for me today, which was a lot of stuff. This morning started off with a longer wod that’s so simple it doesn’t even look that bad (I lied, it looks pretty bad.)

KP Morning Wreckage

Buy In: 500m row (hard pace)

Then, 4 rounds:

800m Run

20 Burpees

Ca$h Out: 250m Row (SPRINT!!!!!!!!! GRIP IT AND RIP IT!!!!)


Run Total: 3200m (2 miles)

Burpee Total: 80

Row Total: 750m

The burpees were all unbroken. The runs started getting really difficult in the last 100 meters or so of the third round. The hardest part about this wod was getting through the 2nd round and realizing that  I was only halfway done. It’s mentally tough to keep yourself going instead of trying to say things like, “Well, maybe I should cut it to 3 rounds. Maybe I should go at a slow pace to conserve energy. Maybe I should do 10 burpees instead of 20. Maybe It should be 600m instead of 800.” Yes, all of these things crept into my mind while I was going into my third round because to be completely honest, this kind of sucked. But, I NEVER give in to things like this… that’s the key to improving! Sure, you can say you did some “super sick gnarly workout” but if you did it at a half ass pace, what did you really gain from it? You didn’t gain shit. Sorry.

Then after sitting through a painfully boring class about topics I don’t care about, I went back to the gym for some more goodies. Today was the first time all week that I’ve done any sort of strength work because it has kind of turned into a deload.

Strict Press: 3 sets x 5 reps at 50%, 60%, 70%

Handstand Pushups: 10 Strict, 2 sets of 10 kipping (practice SPEED and EFFICIENCY!)


3 Rounds For Completion:

10 Weighted GHD Reverse Hypers (45# added)

10 Weighted GHD Sit Ups (25# added)

Then I did this nice little wod that ended up being way harder than it looks. My legs were SCREAMING and I was out of breath after the first portion.

7 Minute AMRAP:


Back Squat (135/95)

Hands-Release Pushups

***No racks allowed. Bar must be taken from the ground. When you complete your round of 9, start over at 21 and keep working until time expires***

Then, to finish up….

4 Cycles

Airdyne Sprint

20 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off

I did this wod in my crappy school Rec center, so the bar was like a cheese grater and the plates were metal. When I re-started at my set of 21, I cleaned the weight and was getting ready to bring it overhead to put it on my back…. and it slid off the sweat on my back and crashed on the ground, making everyone in the gym stare at me like I was a suicide bomber. I despise my school’s gym.. everyone is an idiot and know nothing more than concentration curls and going at a snail’s pace on the elliptical. But hey, to each his own, right? The crazy thing is, without a Crossfit gym out here, I do EVERY SINGLE ONE of my wods at this gym. I have to time them perfectly and go at specific times of the day when certain workers aren’t there, since Crossfit isn’t allowed in the Rec center. But, I still am able to get in some NASTY ass wods day in and day out. Where there’s a will there’s a way, people.

Then I had this shake that was so thick, I could barely slurp it through the straw. YES!!!


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