“You can find people that are willing to put in the work and are willing to work out a ton… But really, are you willing to take yourself to a really bad, crappy place almost every single time you work out?” -Wes Piatt

Monday Monday Monday.. the first day of the week and the first day of the beginning of a LOOOOOOOONG next 7 or 8 weeks (no deloads or anything until the open is over… changes in programming… and moving to one day off a week as opposed to my typical 2). I started off with a day that wasn’t tortuously long, because I don’t find that necessary, but boy was it spicy! I was supposed to snatch and possibly clean and jerk, but moved that to tomorrow because my knees were all swollen today and wouldn’t stop hurting… even just laying here! Hopefully they’ll be in better shape tomorrow.

This morning started off with a little track session….

7x300m, 100m slow jog


7x200m, 200m slow jog

TOTAL: 5600m

The most difficult and different part of this workout was transitioning from the jog (basically a near-recovery pace) back into an 85% effort for those 300m and 200m segments. This was a whole lot of hurt!

Then, came home and absolutely KILLED this ENORMOUS BREAKFAST!!!!!!!


2 beef patties with cheese, guac, spinach, kale, an egg, bacon, tomatoes…. and a giant mug of cream with coffee. Oh, oops, I meant to say a giant mug of coffee with cream (I like cream, okay?) Don’t use that flavored shit, though…. straight up heavy whipping cream folks. 

For my break in between classes, I went back to the gym to get in my front squatting and a met-con and some other fun stuff.

FRONT SQUAT: 3 reps at 75%-80% Every Minute On The Minute for 8 Minutes

Brutal. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Kayla, that doesn’t even sound that bad. 3 measly reps? for only 8 minutes? YOU’RE SOFT!!!!!” 3 reps doesn’t seem like a lot…. because it’s not. But 80% is a pretty high percentage to be working off of…. and working triples with that weight with VERY little rest in between (we’re talking 40 seconds or less of rest in between sets… my LONGEST rest in between sets was 41 seconds. And that was my first set.) These aren’t meant to be about speed, by the way….. so if you’re sacrificing form for doing 3 reps as fast as you’re capable, you’re not doing this correctly.

Then, took a short break (less than 5 minutes) and did a short met-con. I always try to get in 30 total reps of strict movements (pullups, pushups, handstand pushups, dips) twice a week or so, so this made it a little more fun to make sure I got my 30 total in.


6 Strict Chest To Bar Pullups

10 Box Jumps

6 Strict Bar Dips

I hate bar dips. They’re no fun. The pullups got really difficult into the 4th round, even though there were only 6 of them. If you can, go unbroken for everything.

SKILL: HANDSTAND PUSHUPS. experimenting with hand placement, keeping legs straight as opposed to open a little, kipping styles, etc. All that fun stuff.

And then, once again, I was planning on doing some snatch high pulls and hip and hang snatches, but moved it to tomorrow. So that’s all I did today! Some people function really well off of doing super high volume work (I’m talking 3-5 workouts a day…)… and I am not one of those people. I feel like my body is falling apart. For those of you who are the same way, don’t for one second think it’s because “you’re weak” or that “you can’t handle it” or “you’re not strong enough”. No. Not at all. Some of the greatest athletes out there only train three times a week. It all depends on how you work and what works best for you. Find what works best for you and stick with it…. and don’t pay any attention to what anyone else is doing. No matter what you’re doing, if you’re busting ass and making progress and putting in 100% effort day in and day out, that should be all that matters.

  • Posted on 3. February 2014
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