Today was my first official day training at Waxman’s gym.  I will get into the reasoning behind driving out of my way to train over there at a later date but the short and sweet version is that Sean is the best in the area and is truly dedicated to the sport so I would have it no other way.  The Snatch and Clean and Jerk (the two movements involved in Olympic Weightlifting) have always interested me mostly because I have never had a good coach show me how to do them; leading me to suck at them.  It is sad because I had 3 different strength coaches (highly regarded C.S.C.S and USA Weightlifting certified) who knew nothing about these two movements (based on my current understanding of the movements).  I am a YouTube fanatic and waste days looking at sprinting and lifting technique to better understand human movement and this alone has allowed me to progress past coaches who have been in the field for years.  I do not say this to brag or boast it is to say WTFuh are these other coaches doing?  Did they not continue their education?  Well that is probably the case but the biggest reason is that they never did the Snatch and Clean and Jerk for real and I don’t want to fall into that same boat. Do C.S.C.S coaches know what they are talking about?  Well if you ask the average athlete/coach/parent yes; they will sound extremely knowledgable but let’s look at it this way.  Doesn’t a 6th grader seem really smart to a 2nd grader?  Doesn’t a 10th grader seem extremely smart to that same 6th grader?  Just become someone is smarter than you doesn’t mean they have an adequate grasp on the information.  The worst off 10th grader is going to be able to help out that 2nd grader with math no problem.

Anyways here is what we did today:

Warm-up on your own
Breathing exercises
Breathing plus light stretching
Lacrosse ball on shoulder
Hip mobility
Dynamic Warm-up

Specific warm-up with Sean
1×10 with bar
Back Squat
Front Squat
Overhead Squat
Military Press

Overhead Squat
4×5 with bar
5×5@ 60 kilos (132)

Snatch Grip behind the neck military press from the bottom of the squat
5×5 with bar (these were hard on the upper back)

5×5@ 70 kilos (154 pounds)

Front squat
5×5 up to 130 kilos (286)

Front, side and rev flies for shoulders

EXT Rot work with harness

DONE!  Well after this I did about 40 minutes of breathing and stretching to cure my mobility issues.  My biggest obstacle is clearing up some mobility issues so I can stay healthy enough to endure the demands Oly lifting puts on the body.

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