It’s Monday… which means that today started off with some endurance work! Did you know Pandora has a new alarm clock setting?! WELL IT DOES! Which is pretty cool, because the alarm on my phone is terribly annoying and I would love to wake up to some ghetto crunk music! Which is what I did this morning, except that the volume was SO INCREDIBLY HIGH it nearly knocked me off of the mattress! Needless to say, I was awake and ready to go do some running!

Track Workout: 

3x600m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 300m, 400m

Total: 3400m (Just over 2 miles)

The longest rest period during this entire workout was 1 minute, and that was following the first 600m. After that, it went a little something like 45 seconds, 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 20 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds. Took a short break (around 5 minutes) and hit this nice little wod courtesy of Pat Sherwood:


Push Press (115/80)

Strict Pullups


Here is a video of some squats and push press. If you’re going to be a nit-picker, YES, I WAS WEARING NIKE’S, BECAUSE I JUST GOT DONE RUNNING AND DIDN’T WANT TO CHANGE MY SHOES! The air squats in this video are the pace that I held throughout the entirety of the wod.

Then it was time to sit through class and give my lungs some time to get all rejuvenated before my next session….



I can’t tell you how painful these are. They really feel like you’re a doing a wod because of how heavy you’re breathing 2 or 3 minutes in! Not only the breathing sucks…. but the fact that after you take the bar off the rack, get your 3 reps in, and re-rack the bar, you’re looking at a very short rest period for a considerable amount of weight. Very brutal. The last minute, I was almost positive that my organs would shoot out. But they didn’t! In general, though, these felt extremely strong today and I stayed consistent as far as form and speed for all reps.

Clean: 6 sets

Hang Power Clean+ Hang clean

SKILL: BAR MUSCLE UPS (Wasn’t really counting, probably did around 15 total).

Finished off with 10 minute cool down on the bike. I was supposed to do some other stuff today, but things are really crazy this week. With school and everything that needs to get done, and the fact that where I do my weightlifting is only open for 2 hours every day ( I live in the middle of nowhere! ), my schedule and routine is tentative. Which brings me to a great point.


Don’t we all wish we could have the lives that most competitive athletes have? They basically have unlimited gym access and are able to do whatever they please at ANY TIME OF THE DAY! Unfortunately, there are people who exist in the world (myself and many others) that have regular lives that in fact don’t revolve around our specific fitness goals. Don’t get me wrong, I am a perfectionist when it comes to Crossfit and weightlifting. I analyze things down to the millimeter and will run myself into the ground just to make the smallest of jumps. HOWEVER, Crossfit and weightlifting aren’t my first priorities in life. My first priority right now is school. I’m a senior in college who is trying to finish out this semester strong and move on to graduate school (I’m a psych major… *GASP!*) and that is BAR NONE what is most important. Exams every couple of weeks, absolutely insane (and kind of cruel) amounts of reading and homework, and just the stress of trying to maintain my GPA definitely interfere with my training plan. I may have a plan for the day that takes a little longer than others and realize that things need to be moved around. Today is a perfect example. I have 3 exams this week, along with take-home quizzes/papers due on Friday. Each of the 3 exams probably has anywhere from 60-75 pages of powerpoint notes to read, memorize, and understand. As you can probably imagine, my stress levels are at an all -time high and my time is VERY limited. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay. I’m getting done what is most important to me. Will I let a change in routine leave me completely flustered? ABSOLUTELY NOT! You learn to move things around and fit it in with your life. If you are a Crossfit athlete, here is some advice…. if you are short on time (I’m talking around an hour that you are free to train), I would ALWAYS let the strength portion take top priority. A lot of people do quite the opposite… because they just can’t leave a session feeling like they didn’t get any “pump” or “burn” or whatever the hell it is. You can met-con yourself to do death, but I guarantee it won’t make you any stronger. It just won’t. And you definitely have to have a requisite amount of strength if you are planning on competing in the sport. What is doing 50 cleans at 40% going to do for you besides make you breathe really heavy and probably ingrain shitty form? Yeah… that’s what I’m saying, folks! It’s more beneficial to work on your STRENGTH than it is to spend time working on loads that are 40% (or below) or your max for multiple reps. If you’re strong enough, it’s ‘easier’ to train the mental aspects and the conditioning aspects that are required if you’re to do well in a wod. Those aspects can be trained later, after strength is established. If you have enough heart and grit, there’s a good chance you’ll move that weight if you have a nice strength foundation. If you’re not strong enough, there’s no amount of heart and grit that’ll move that weight. Gravity doesn’t give a shit about grit. So, if you have an hour……





That’s it. That’s exactly what I did today. I had a bit more time…. today’s training probably took around 2 hours. If I had decided to go with more accessory stuff today, my training would have definitely been more around 2 and a half or 3 hours. But it wasn’t, because the clock is ticking.

A goal without a plan is a wish. Plain and simple. You can say you want to qualify for regionals; THAT’S AWESOME! Do you have a plan? “…….What do you mean?” Oh, no plan? Then you’re simply just wishing for something to happen. Unless you have some incredibly crazy job where your schedule is 100% unpredictable and hard to plan around (Which is pretty unlikely?), it is actually fairly easy to figure out how to create a plan for yourself that you’ll stick to and that you’re able to do everyday with 110% effort. If that means waking up at 4 in the morning so that you could get your training in, then so be it. Life is stressful and life throws curveballs. Stress accumulates and can loom over you like a dark cloud… especially when it comes time to train. Know your limits and be prepared for days that are going to suck. If every day was a sunny day, it would just be a day.

Done rambling. Easy capeezy and incredibly EFFECTIVE day if you ask me.

  • Posted on 10. February 2014
  • Written by kayla perry
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