I despise Adam Sandler, but that clip is hilarious. And you know what? If I had a not-so-serious mantra, that would probably be it. You don’t give up when things start to get difficult. You tell yourself that you can do it and you JUST GET YOUR HINEY UP AND DO IT!!!! Today is Tuesday, which means that I still have my 3 exams this week and I’m still stressed out beyond belief. The material is all starting to get to the imaginary “red line” in my brain…

 red line

I introduce to you the red line. This is a term that I first heard when I began Crossfit. It wasn’t until a few months into my crossfitting that I began to start thinking about strategizing each wod; that is, thinking about the best approach to take in order to be extra efficient and, of course, FAST. My biggest problem as a beginner was flying out the gate too quickly. As soon as I heard that clock beep on the “1” second right before “GO!”, I WAS GOING BALLS TO THE WALL. I literally went as fast as I possible could, leaving absolutely nothing in the tank. Now, for workouts like Fran or anything that’s an incredibly short duration, this is a great approach. You have to sprint and go all out right from the beginning. However, I was still using this tactic when going into wods that were 10 or more minutes. You can guess what happened… I burned out, and burned out fast. THE RED LINE, folks….. it’s that line you cross that is basically your failure point. Once you hit the red line (if it’s hit too early in a wod), you’re sort of fucked. Let me explain. Take a workout like Karen. 150 wall balls for time. Now, this is a workout that if you were to Red Line from the beginning (that is, do as many wall balls as you possibly can in one set until failure), you’d be SCREWED! Because, chances are, you can’t do 150 wall balls unbroken. Let’s take me for example. My red line would probably be around 90 wall balls. If I were to do 90 wall balls unbroken, I’d have trouble even completing sets of 10 after that. Why? Because I used SO MUCH of what was in my gas tank for the first damn set! So, while Crossfit is all about speed and going fast and hitting it hard, little things like this must be taken into account.


No red line, no problems.

Let’s start off with what I did today. I started off with some light power clean and clean stuff, mostly just because I like to use it to warm up to snatch. I’m still using extremely low weights for snatch in an attempt to make it 110% perfect and ingrain perfect technique into my brain. Getting there. The elusive perfect snatch isn’t an overnight sort of deal…. it takes thousands upon thousands of reps at a relatively light weight before you can even get sort-of-kind-of comfortable with such an intricate movement.

Hang Power Snatch + Snatch: 6 sets (I built up VERY SLOWLY over 6 sets… still stayed around 50%-60% of my 1RM)

Snatch Push Press (Behind The Neck): 10-8-8-6 (Added weight to each set)

Bench Press: 9-6-3-6-9 (Your last sets of 6 and 9 should be a heavier load than your first sets of 6 and 9.)



Odd Minutes: Max distance row

Even Minutes: Max rep burpees

This was really fun. I’m beginning to really like rowing, mostly because I’m getting stronger and therefore more efficient at it… and as human beings, I think we tend to like things that we’re good at 😉 . The thing I will say about this EMOM, though, is that transitioning is a bit annoying. Getting yourself hooked in/out of the rower eats at least 10 seconds. Just a little friendly precaution.


Later on, to cap off a fine day….

5 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of “THE COMPLEX” 

‘The complex’ is a little torture scheme that I made up today about 12 seconds before deciding to do this. The weight is 50 pound dumbbells in each hand for men, 30 pounds in each hand for women. All in one movement, without dropping the dumbbells, complete:

2 Man Makers

2 Thrusters

2 Step Ups (High Box!)

Take a short break, then..



10 Handstand Pushups

And there you have it folks. Here’s a picture of some cleans, because I clearly wanted to show off how attractive you can look when you’re lifting (Absolute sarcasm.. is that even possible? To look pretty while you lift? I don’t think it is.)


Back to studying until I’m either on the verge of tears of I just pass out. Time is ticking and I can’t believe it’s already 5:32 pm here in Illinois… SHEESH! Where in the world has the day gone? Oh yeah, I spent my day working out and studying… Luckily, tomorrow is Lincoln’s birthday, which means we don’t have any class. Which means that buys me at least 4(ish) extra hours of studying….. and I don’t have to rush my workouts! I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty awesome deal. Have fun guys.


  • Posted on 11. February 2014
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