One exam down and two to go. This week honestly feels like it’s been 14 days long… and all 14 days were Mondays. There is still so much to do tonight/tomorrow during the day that I’m finding it difficult to even be excited that it’s the weekend! That’s okay, though; In less than 24 hours, all of this stress and studying madness will be POOF! GONE! (At least for now) and I can head on home for a fun Valentine’s weekend with my hometown Crossfit crew…. YES! Now that’s motivation if I’ve ever heard it!

Today was pretty short, but the brutality factor definitely didn’t suffer. Here it is:

Snatch High Pull from blocks + Power Snatch from Blocks: Build across 6 sets (went a tad heavier today than earlier in the week, but still keeping it light to ensure everything is *almost* perfect. At least what I believe to be perfect.)

Just trying to make it cool with a little sun angle… See what I did there?


3 Sets: 

Weighted Reverse Hyperextensions: 10 (45# added)

Weighted GHD Sit Ups: 10 (25# added)

Here comes the gnarly part…. another incredibly long and mind-fu#king row workout! Read it and weep, folks…

1x1000m (moderate)

Rest 2 Minutes

3x400m (300m hard +100m easy)

90 sec rest

3x400m (250m hard +150m easy)

90 sec rest

3x400m (200m sprint+200m easy)

90 sec rest

3x400m (150m sprint + 250m easy)

90 sec rest

1x1000m moderate


Yes, that’s correct, 6800 frickin’ meters. To some people, that doesn’t sound like a lot. Some people will come back and say, “yeah, my coach has us do 10k’s like twice a week). Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but my guess is that you’re keeping a pretty MODERATE pace throughout the entirety of the 10k. This is different in that there are SO MANY METERS of raw hurtingness (made up that word), muscle fatigue, and overall pain that you have to endure in order to make it through the “sprint” interval. Sprinting does not mean your moderate or even slightly more than moderate pace. Sprinting means using every ounce of strength and energy you have to try to match your PR pace. Yeah, that gets rough after you reach the 2000m mark and realize that you’re not even halfway done. Eating this awesome burger after I was done was nice, though.


Have a wonderful day and guess what, TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s always darkest before the dawn… CHINS UP! 😀


  • Posted on 13. February 2014
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