Friday was a super busy day; busy in a good way.  I started out the day by driving over to Irvine to train my NFL guy and a couple high school athletes first thing in the morning.  Immediately after finishing up our upper body training I headed over to my chiropractor to get ART and Graston work done on my shoulder and ankle.  It was a good day of treatment with Dr. Jason Reynolds and I’m really happy with the progress I’m making but my ankles still have a long ways to go.

After treatment I drove over to Waxman’s Gym in Lawndale.  It is only an hour drive but it is quite boring and stressful with morning commuter traffic on the 405; especially with construction going on.  When I hop out of the car I have to get some mobility work and extended warm-up before my workout can begin to I can get into the correct positioning.  I’m surprised right now how easy it is for my to hit parallel in my squat.  Funny how stretching, mobilizing, breathing and learning biomechanics actually works?  Hmmm who would’ve thought?

Day 3
BB warm-up- press, front squat, back squat, overhead squat, squat press x10

Snatch grip Upright row 4×10

Muscle snatch 4×5

Snatch Grip Deadlifts 4×5

Back Squat 4×5

Behind the neck snatch grip press 4×5

Today was a good day of training except I felt a little something funky in the shoulder on the way down in the press but it feels fine today.  I just have to keep on stretching, getting treatment and strengthening my shoulder to hold up to the demands of the Olympic lifts.  Sean said that starting Tuesday we will slowly get into technique work so I am very excited about that and hope all goes well.  Hopefully everyone having a great Valentines weekend.

Crazy 959 Squat by Eric Lillibridge.  There must be some new stuff they are putting in the water because there have been some insane squats happening the last couple of weeks.

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