Cecily Basques, here. I have been Olympic weightlifting for about three years now. I lift 18 hours a week and I also work and go to school. I recently made the top 20 of all female weightlifters, pretty cool. I’m on the right track. My goal is to make a world team or a pan american team in the near future. I’m currently training for an international qualifier held in Foster City, CA on March 8-9 and Nationals in July. I still have some time to make gains and get better. 

First, I am going to start with being quite brutally honest. I have never been very into the idea of blogging, ever. Nor have I really been into social media. Not that I am against it, I just have never felt the need to share my story.  What makes me unique and special enough to think that people might actually want to follow me? Why should the world care what I am doing or thinking all the time? I just never really understood. If I wanted someone to know I was eating chocolate ice cream, I might just tell them personally via text instead of posting a picture on Facebook for all my friends to see. I don’t think my sisters friend from college, who I met once really cares that I’m eating chocolate ice-cream, haha.  That’s just my opinion. Any ways, back to my question. What makes my story special? I guess the fact that I’m a girl who lifts hundreds of pounds over head, repetitively, until my body aches, everyday, sometimes twice a day… FOR FUN! Yes, I choose to do this in my free time, because I love it and I can’t stand not being the best. I know there are hundreds of girls in the weightlifting and CrossFit community out there doing the same thing. I know many female weightlifters who share the same goals as I do and work just as hard everyday to achieve them, and I more than admire that!!! I think more girls should feel the same empowerment of weight training that I feel on a regular basis! Anyways, again… What makes my story unique? Honestly, nothing. I AM TRYING SOMETHING NEW. Blogging. Insta. #hashtag. #showmethecookie. I also truly believe in End Line Training Systems. I know Keith from High School and I sincerely admire all the work he has done to get himself where he is today. He is more than knowledgable, this stuff is LEGIT folks. As an End Line Training Athlete, it is my honor to share my delightfully original experiences with the hopes that some of you girls and guys who have been admiring weightlifting, CrossFit, or strength training, will actually start or gain more strength! Everyone wants to be tone, fit, healthy, and happy, but just reading about it and watching videos will only take you so far. Learn from here, enjoy some reading, then apply it! I guess I’d like to make a difference while sharing my experiences through weightlifting. If I can get some of you girls to realize that its okay to have big legs and not have ‘the thigh gap’, and that its okay to be buff and feel beautiful or even to get some of you to realize that results take time and not to get discouraged, then I might feel like I’m actually making a little difference in the world. I mean, If I could make the entire world happy, healthy and strong, I totally would. Basically, this is my small step toward trying.

This is where I will be updating my life revolving around weights… And I pretty much revolve everything I do around weightlifting. I love FOOD, so there will definitely be food porn. Maybe some healthy eating tips… Or not so healthy. I will also update about my workouts or any other experiences I feel the need to share. 

 Hope ya stick around! Peace :)

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