End Line Training Systems is proud to be sponsoring Olympic Weightlifter Cecily Basques.  She is a rising star in the sport despite having only spent about 3 years training for Olympic style Weightlifting (1 year full-time).  At the American Open she took home the Gold Medal in the Clean and Jerk (105 kilos-231 pounds) and Silver in the total (185 kilos-407 pounds).
Lifting PR’s
Back Squat- 145 kilos 319 pounds
Front Squat- 127 kilos 280 pounds
Snatch-  84 kilos 185 pounds
Clean & Jerk- 105 kilos 231 pounds

Her athletic career started back when she was only two years old. Born and raised in the small town of Calaveras County, she began her athletic career as a dancer. Cecily excelled in tap, jazz, and ballet for another fifteen years all while taking up gymnastics, t-ball, soccer, and eventually softball, basketball and volleyball. Come high school, sports took over dance and she dominated as a three sport athlete. She played softball, basketball, and volleyball all four years, and realized she wanted to pick one sport to take to a collegiate level. After graduating from Calaveras High School, she decided to play volleyball at Sacramento City College looking at the opportunity as a stepping-stone to eventually play at a four-year university. After her first season at SCC in 2010, she began off-season training in Sacramento, CA where she was first introduced to the snatch and clean and jerk.

In high school, she focused on weight training her sophomore through senior year, to better herself as an athlete. She was one of few girls in the weight room who actually enjoyed weight training. As soon as she learned Olympic lifting was a competitive sport, she stuck with it. She let her passion for weightlifting take off after finishing her second volleyball season at SCC in 2011. She is now lifting full time while continuing her education at California State University of Sacramento. She is majoring in Recreation, Parks, Tourism and Administration focusing on commercial recreation and event planning. Her career goal is to finish her bachelors and earn a teaching credential in PE. Cecily also works part time at a gym and coaches the Olympic lifts. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her awesome family and loves spending time with her boyfriend. Cecily’s lifting goals are to continue training hard towards making a world team in the near future.

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