My oh my have I been busy with End Line stuff.  It is a little hard to imagine everything that is happening right now and how excited I am that everything is coming together.  What we have going on from a training standpoint is second to none.  I don’t think the atheltes even realize how rare it is to have what they have in training with us (Us being a doctor and me, a former D1 athlete who is one semester away from graduating with a Master’s in Kinesiology from of the top Kin programs in the country).  Just to bring you up to speed: I started doing business with Body Dynamix where I train my athletes at their facility and that allows my athletes to receive active release therapy, graston and other passive soft tissue work on site with one of their Doctors.  In addition my athletes will be prescribed corrective exercises based on their specific mobility issues/weak points that they may have so they can train at peak performance.  The soft tissue modalities not only help improve long term mobility and tissue health but really allow you to feel fresh and recover faster after a hard day of training.  This is something my athletes are figuring out rather quickly.  I always love to see the look on an athlete’s face when they hop off the table.  They feel like a new person and it is really like magic just happened in their body.  I know the feeling as I have gotten onto the table limping and got off feeling like a million bucks.  The combination of treatment, training and my nutritional advice is what every top level athlete should have at their finger tips but is not often the case.  I am constantly blown away by the lack of knowledge of S&C coaches and trainers.  It makes me extremely frustrated because they are just spreading lies to athletes and those athletes think that their coach is the best and that they are progressing all they can but it isn’t the truth.  I train top level athletes and am constantly blown away with the stories of stupidity of what their S&C coaches had them do.  I have to calmly and collectively break it down to them why those methods their coaches use suck.  I don’t say suck but they do suck.  And it really sucks that athletes think that that is all that is out there.



So as far as my training goes…I got the privilege to do technique work today and did more snatches in one day than Rich Fronning an Charlie Sheen combined.  My snatches felt really good today which is awesome because I was worried about my shoulder.  Good thing all those super deadly behind the neck presses actually helped my shoulders feel strong and sturdy.

BB warm-up
Overhead Squats 2×5
Snatch Deadlifts 6×5
Snatch Grip No Touch Snatch 5×5
Snatch Grip No Touch High Pull 5×4
Snatch Grip High Pulls with a brush 5×4
Power snatch with a brush 6×4

Done!  I have homework tomorrow which includes 5×5 back squat, snatch grip behind the neck press and RDL’s.  Every day I do shoulder work and I’ll write about that and my treatment for that in another post.

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