This morning started off a little rough, besides this delicious BULLETPROOF COFFEE!


1 tablespoon Kerrygold butter, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 2 tablespoons heavy cream. 

Usually coffee and a nice dose of fat gets me going in the morning. For about a year now, my first session of the day is not long after I wake up… and I can’t stand the feeling of lifting (and ESPECIALLY doing a wod…) with food in my stomach. My body has been trained to not be hungry in the mornings anymore, but I do need some sort of sustenance to get me through a long session…. so why not DRINK what I need?! Quick and easy and it WORKS! Today was a different story, though…

Last night I had it set in my mind that today I’d do some clean and jerk work, snatch accessory work, and a really rough met-con.. and, to cap it all off, some gymnastics skills. However, when I woke up, I had  SPLITTING HEADACHE that by the way, at 5pm, is still there… full throttle. My throat is sore… and to make all of this so lovely, my stomach is killing me. Old Kayla would have said “screw it” and worked out anyways, not caring about how crappy I would feel afterwards. Now I am smart enough to realize that forcing yourself to workout is forcing your body to use its reserves… and for what? I have NEVER in my life worked out while sick and felt better afterwards. And, let me tell you, I’ve worked out sick more times than I can remember. Shouldn’t that say something? You’re only doing more harm by trying to train if you’re feeling under the weather. So eat what you can and drink tea and, if you’re anything like me, watch Netflix for an embarrassing amount of hours.

The open being in 6 days has my nerves going absolutely crazy. I’m losing a little bit of sleep and during classes all I can think about is what in the world Dave Castro will throw at us this year and how  I plan to strategize it. I’m only human. I can’t censor my thoughts and sure, I can calm myself down a little, but I can’t get rid of the nervous/excited feeling. Which is fine… you know if you’re not nervous about something then you just don’t care very much. And I care about Crossfit the same way I care about my parents. Sorry, that’s the truth. Hi mom and dad! 😀

As far as planning for the open, things aren’t really changing all that much. Currently I’m taking 2 days off a week. The other 5 days are typically 2-a-days. I’ve come to learn that I (this is just me, not the general population…) really can’t plan everything down to the nitty gritty details. I can’t plan things in a way such that if something is skipped/forced to be missed, it throws everything else off. Because of school, studying, driving back and forth, and thinking about graduate school, and just LIFE in general, it is inevitable: I have to be flexible. Today is a perfect example. Am I bummed out that I feel like crap? Yeah, I am. But you know what? It’s no big deal. Today becomes a rest day (so today is switched with Sunday) and I just do today’s training tomorrow. See how easy that becomes? Super easy. Some people do well with 12-16 sessions a week… I absolutely do not. Do I agree that if you want to become a better Crossfitter, you need to do a lot of Crossfit? Absolutely. Do I think that means driving yourself into the ground with 3+ hour sessions 6 days a week? For me, personally, that sounds extreme. Less is more for my body so I’m sticking with that, even leading up to the Open. I feel ready, I feel prepared, and I know that I’ve done and will keep doing everything I need to. Because at the end of the day, you just do what you can do. So whether that places you in first or whether that places you in dead last, you didn’t throw in the towel. Remember that!

******SIDE-NOTE: I’m not a big fan of constantly checking the Leaderboard, driving myself crazy with who did better than me by how many reps. I actually don’t plan on checking the Leaderboard at all during the entirety of the Open… and I also don’t plan on re-doing any workouts. One and done is my mantra for the next 5 weeks. I just feel like my first effort is always going to be my best effort, and it would ruin the fun of it for me if I wasted every waking second trying to strategize different ways of doing better. Put it all out there, pat yourself on the back, and look forward to next week.

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