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I just got done hosting my first big time Oly clinic at Crossfit Natomas with my training partner Mary Peck. SO MUCH FUN! So much to learn from this experience and grow as a coach! I’m going to wait to share this experience for my next post! :)


Today, I want to talk about my typical week of training, basically share what I do on a week to week basis. Sunday is my rest day! I take full advantage of it. No booze, lots of good food and a lot of water. I like to stay somewhat active on my off day and not just become a couch potato. So maybe I’ll go for a walk outside or stretch to get the blood flowing. Like in today’s case, I coached during the day. Not exhausting, but I definitely got up and moving. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I will train twice a day. Typically 10am and 6pm. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday I only lift once a day. Times vary. Since we have a competition in two weeks this is our last heavy week. We will be working up to a max on friday evening which we haven’t done in a while. Next week will be a taper week leading up to competition day on Sunday March 9th. My main focus has been on the little things. From recovery to approaching the bar with consistency. I sleep 7-8 hours a night. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner along with some snacks throughout the day. I do eat plenty of carbs, with every meal. Lately, I have had a lot of sweet potatoes and white rice for my carb of choice. I also have protein shakes after most workouts. This week I want to focus on approaching the bar with the mind set that the bar is loaded with weight. Whether it be squats, snatch or clean and jerk, I want to focus on making every repetition the same. Snatching 35 kilos should look the same as snatching 80 kilos. This week I will be focusing on small goals, in return this will help achieve my bigger goals.


Have a good week, Y’all! And as my dad say’s “make good choices” Peace :)

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