Today was a tricky day. I woke up early, starving, so I had my coffee with extra cream and butter. I was hoping this would keep me satiated for a while, but it actually made me MORE HUNGRY! So then I had a feast with enough macros (not that I count that crap) to feed a family of wolves. I had quite a bit of time left until the gym opened, so I decided that I’d watch some Desperate Housewives and wait. Well…. I fell asleep and basically felt paralyzed until about 3 in the afternoon. I don’t know why I was feeling so lethargic today, but I knew I had some stuff to do… so I got off my ass and just told myself that if I didn’t do it now, I probably would try to snake my way out of doing it later. It turned out being a pretty good day, aside from practicing my most recent least favorite movement: double unders.

When I got my first double under a little less than a year ago, I was ecstatic. I really thought that it was impossible and I used to watch people do 50, 60, 100…. and I’d think to myself ,” How in the world can people do that?” As it turns out, I would say this several times throughout my crossfit “career”, and I would end up not only learning these movements, but excelling at them. Double unders are a different beast, though; they can be amazing one day or they can ABSOLUTELY SUCK. This is a movement that for me is black or white. There is no grey area; I have never walked away saying, “Double unders were sub-par today. They were decent.” NO! I’m either happy that I was able to string a million together or I’m insanely pissed that I could barely crank out 50 at a time. Today was a day that I was tripping all over the place, started over thinking it, and decided to just ditch the jump rope and do something else.

Track Workout:


3 Minutes Rest


90 Seconds Rest


This was rough today. My legs were tired and my body still felt kind of asleep… but that’s okay. The rest period in between the 200m runs was about 30 seconds, the rest in between the 400s was about 1 minute and 15 seconds, and the rest in between the first and last 800 was about 2 minutes.

Took a short break, then…


EVEN Minutes: 15 Medicine Ball Cleans (I used 18#)

ODD Minutes: 40 Double Unders


Bench Press: 


*5 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pullups after each set 

Next week is a new week… and the Open is in 5 days. Be smart, don’t overdo it, and have fun!

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