Day 6 at Waxman’s

Snatch no contact 5×3
Snatch 5×3
Closer Grip Overhead squat 4×5
Snatch high pulls 5×4
Behind the neck jerks 5×4
Good mornings 4×5

There is a lot to be said that I’m doing these movements with no pain where before training with Sean there would be no way.  I cannot articulate what is going on but the reason for the healthy shoulder and hip has to do with specific strength, going through the specific range of motion and starting slow to build a base.  Have I been stretching and been diligent with mobility work? Yes but I was doing the exact same things before I went to Waxman’s gym and my shoulder would constantly hurt.  I can’t neglect the additional breathing and body awareness work I have been doing into this equation towards better mobility and stability overhead.  I remember I would constantly soft lock all my overhead reps but now full lockouts are the norm.

Today was the first day doing behind the neck jerks and they felt really good after doing the overhead squats.  Overhead squats were to be doing with jerk grip or as close as possible so it really challenged my mobility and stability.  The first set was awful.  I felt like a nun in Hot Topic.  I didn’t know where to go and felt out of place.  By the 3rd set my shoulders felt rock solid and was dropping into the squat nicely.   When I did the first jerk (it has been 3 weeks since I’ve done a jerk) it felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before.  It felt like it was probably supposed to feel like.  Joints stacking on top of one another…what a concept.  A  few technical errors I had to fix were:
1. Drive the knees outwards during the dip.

2. Don’t dip so low.

3. Don’t let the knees to too far forward.

4.  Keep the torso vertical.

5. Keep my weight further back (this was due to the knee tracking).


These were behind the neck jerks so the front rack problems didn’t come up but most people have a hard time with a proper front rack position, which causes them to lose positioning during the dip.  You want to grab the bar with your entire hand so it is sitting in your palm and not having just your fingers on the bar.  The bar should be sitting close to the neck and the elbows up but they don’t need to be up excessively.  The weight needs to be resting on the torso so the power generated at the hip can transfer into the bar.  This front rack problem can be addressed by doing front squats with your hand around the bar and not just one or two fingers.  Most people find that their wrists hurt and think that they need more wrist flexibility but the real problem is shoulder flexibility and thoracic extension.  If their shoulders were more mobile there would be less stress placed on the wrist.  This is something I have experience first hand (literally hand) in college.  I constantly had wrist pain during the clean and jerk and none of my GRRREATLY qualified CSCS teachers even had a clue about what I’m telling you right now.  It is funny how little the typical Strength and Conditioning Coach knows about the Olympic Lifts.  I feel that I have very very very little knowledge in the sport compared to Sean and other great Oly coaches but I know I’m better than the large majority of college S&C coaches and that scares me.  There is such a big disconnect between coaches who only coach the movements and college S&C coaches coaching the movement for team sport athletes. The sad part about it is that athletes don’t know any better and think that their coaches are awesome when they severely lack the qualifications to adequately coach the lifts.

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