Well, we are back to arctic temperatures. The days of 40 degree “spring like” days are gone, at least for the next few days… it actually SNOWED last night! I can’t tell you how pissy I was brushing the snow off my car this morning… I was convinced that we were done with snow for good this season. Oh well. As far as I can tell, the earth hasn’t stopped spinning. 😉

This morning was a combination of two brutal wods that don’t actually sound that bad. Of course, if you’ve been reading anything I do, it’s always the workouts that “don’t sound very bad” that end up making your lungs feel like you’re Walter White. (My Breaking Bad obsession is over, but I love my Walter White references.) So, let’s get into it here…

3 Rounds For Time: 

Row 500m (all out!)

25 Dumbbell Swings (I used 40#)

50 Double Unders

First of all, rowing 500m at nearly 100% effort is INCREDIBLY taxing… BY ITSELF. Add in 25 swings and 50 double unders, and you’re talking some serious muscle fatigue. My shoulders felt like pumpkins; they were so swelled up and exhausted that there was a period of time in the third and final row that I literally thought to myself, “I want to stop.” WHAT?! It’s very rare for me to think things like this. Sure, I’ll say “this sucks, I want to die, almost done, stop being a baby, blah blah…” but it is RARE that I say I want to quit. For some reason, those rows mixed with the swings and double unders just really got to me today. However, I have finally figured out where I’ve been going wrong with double unders. My hand placement tends to wander when I’m exhausted and I’m getting up to 50+ double unders. Hands close to your body and in front of you is KEY! And keeping your body relaxed besides for your wrists. The second your body starts tensing up, your jumping rhythm gets thrown off and you’re screwed.

Take a short break, and then this doozy….


Set a 10 Minute Clock.

Perform 3 thrusters (135/95) every 30 seconds until the 5 minute mark.

At the 5 minute mark, rest 1 minute (until the 6 minute mark).

At the 6 minute mark, perform 2 thrusters (145/105) every 30 seconds until the 10 minute mark.

I dubbed this workout “tear Jerker” because I really thought I was going to cry while doing this. So you clean the bar off of the floor, thruster it 3 (or 2) times, and you look at the clock… and realize that you have about 12-15 seconds of rest until you have to pick it up again. Obviously, as you start getting tired, your thrusters get slower, and you are probably slower even approaching/cleaning the bar off the ground. By the time even 3 minutes rolls around, all you could do is stare at that damn bar   and just think about how badly you don’t want to pick it up. I would honestly rather do as many thrusters as possible in 2 minutes for 5 sets than do this… and I’ll tell you why. With something like an AMRAP, you have the mindset that you are going for as many as possible. You may have a game plan; you’ll do a certain number here, split it up this way, take this much rest, etc. With the tear jerker, you really don’t have an option. That rest period is hardly a rest… it FORCES you to reflect on your character (joking…sort of) because of how much WILL POWER and DETERMINATION it takes to walk up to the weight, clean it, and thruster it… knowing that you have to do that about 20 more times. It’s a mind game. It teaches you to pick up the bar when you don’t want to… it forces you to hold on when you feel like you can’t. MENTAL TOUGHNESS!!!! When this hell was over, I did some skill work…



Handstand walking is so hard. SO incredibly hard. Probably the hardest thing I’ve had to learn out of all of the movements in crossfit. Something about being upside down and learning how to shift your weight properly in order to propel yourself forward and “walk” in a straight line just doesn’t make much sense to my body. Those few steps that you see in the video are the result of literally hours upon hours of handstand holds, practice, frustration, tears, and scraped palms. Things like this don’t happen overnight. They don’t even happen in a month. They take a LONG, LONG time… and it takes commitment and hard work, even to muster up a few measly steps.

Later on, for my evening session….

Hang Power Snatch + Hip Snatch + Hip Snatch: 5 sets x 2 reps (used about 65%-70%)

Snatch (Position 1): 6 sets of triples (65%-70%)

Power Clean + Hang Clean + Hang Clean: 5 sets (70%)

That’s all for today guys. My shoulder has really started bothering me… it’s pretty inflamed and feels like it’s popping out of its socket when I do gymnastics stuff (pullups, muscle ups, even toes to bar). So, that’s something I’m keeping a close eye on with the Open being 2 days away. Be smart in these next few days if you’re preparing for the open as well… no point killing yourself now just to prove something to yourself.


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