I guess there’s a thing called #throwbackThursday. More commonly known as #tbt. Here is a picture from my very first National competition, which happened to be Jr. Nationals in January 2012. Since then, my main focus has been weightlifting.


I believe I snatched 63 kg, missing it my first two attempts, making in on the third. Talk about stressful! Boy, was I nervous. With a lot more experience under my belt, the nerves have diminished and now I can step on the platform with confidence.

Since I started lifting full time, I have learned a lot about Olympic lifting through many different sources. When I was lifting with Ben Claridad, we took trips to California Strength to train with Glen Pendlay and the gang. Man, that atmosphere was something else. Since then, I have received words of wisdom from many admirable coaches, especially my current coach Tom Distasio. Tom continues to help push and guide me as an athlete and has broadened my horizon in the world of coaching. I am aware that learning is a never-ending ascent, and there is always something to take away from every situation. With that said, hosting my first seminar was a great experience. As Mary and I prepared for the clinic, I realized that weightlifting is simple…sort of. It’s just defying gravity. The weight doesn’t want to move unless you make it. So whats the most efficient way to get from point A to point B???  A STRAIGHT LINE! See?  Simple! But understanding that bar has to travel in the straightest line possible, about the base of support which is your foot, is essential. Cool, so just keep it close and pull straight. Sounds easy, but getting athletes to manipulate their bodies the way you want can be tough, unless you really know your stuff. I know some good stuff, but I’m still learning and improving. I am thankful to be given the opportunity to coach so many amazing athletes last Sunday. As I continue to progress as a coach I am thankful for every opportunity I get to teach the lifts. I will continue to learn through coaching and my own lifting experiences. I am excited that I have been given the opportunity to do so! After all, the snatch and the clean and jerk are my areas of expertise, if I may say so. I have learned that I tend to get invested in peoples success; I love watching people work hard and succeed. If I get to be a part of that, I’ll be a pretty happy camper.

Have a wonderful weekend :) Peace, friends.

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