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Day 7 at Waxman’s started off with a cold and wet drive from training at Woodbridge over to Lawndale.  When I first drove out to Waxman’s gym I remember google maps telling me to turn right and when I looked right I didn’t really want to turn right.  Waxman’s isn’t in a bad area but not in the nicest area.  To be honest it is in the perfect area.  The gym is dirty, grungy and without a sanitary wipe in sight; just the way my high school gym was when I’d spend 3 hours lifting in there after school everyday.  It is interesting how you can be perfectly content with an environment like that but complain like no other when someone doesn’t wipe down their bench at a commercial gym where everything has to be polished and shined every two hours.  I actually spent a year working the floor at the campus recreation when I was at Western Illinois to make sure extra money and get my first real job of my life under my belt.  Before working there I only had two summer jobs and they weren’t exactly related to what I’m doing now or fitness in general (wood chipper and painting curbs at my old apt. complex).  I don’t really like working for other people unless I know them and extremely respect them and their opinions.  I’m an independent thinker and can think outside of the box which makes listening to people a tad bit difficult for me.  This is why my current route of self-emplyoment is extremely satisfying for me.  The most difficult part of the self made part of all of this is actually finishing projects.  I have so many thoughts and ideas but ideas and plans don’t mean a single thing unless you execute them.  I need to take a lesson from myself with this because it is what I preach to athletes all the time.  You can want to squat 500 pounds all you want but it will never happen unless you get under the bar everyday and execute your plan of attack.

clean chinese

So back to Waxman’s

Warm-up (no foam roll crap)
BB warm-up
Clean pulls to straight leg 5×4
Clean Pulls 5×3
Power Cleans 5×3
Power Jerk 5×3
Split Press 5×3(each leg)

Today was a good day and the body felt good with the cleans and jerks.

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