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Today I am going to give a fairly detailed description of last weeks lifts. It was the last heavy week of a four week cycle leading up to competition this weekend. We train off percentages of our best lifts. We do this for several reasons, although that is a different topic for another day.
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So I am sharing this tonight because I have had a lot of people ask me how exactly I train. I usually just say I snatch, clean and jerk and squat everyday, but there is definitely more to it. We do many variations of the lifts. At the beginning of a cycle, we do less of the actual lifts themselves and focus more on strength. The beginning stages of a cycle is also a good time to really focus on a weakness, i.e. over head stability. As we get closer to competition, we incorporate the lifts, or variations of the lifts almost everyday. As we approach a meet, we like to gain consistency off the ground as well as maintain all around strength. Anyways, this is all pretty generic. So lets cut to the chase… This is what I did last week.



FS up to 95% X1

Sn Pull Sn@below knee bocks- up to 88% 2X1

Power Clean+Push Jerk- up to 88% X1

Core, low back, stability


Snatch- up to 95% X1

C&J- up to 95% X1

FS- Up to 95% plus max attempt

Clean Pulls- 110% 3X3



Back Squat-83% 3X3

Snatch Balance-up tp 100% X1

Bench Press- Tripples @ 75,80,85,90%

Dumbell rows




1+1/4 FS- up to 80% 2X1

Power Snatch-up to 88% X1

Clean pull+clean@below knee blocks- up to 80% 2X1

Core, low back, stability


Snatch- up to 85% 4X2

Snatch pull- up to 110% 2X2

Jerk off rack- up to 95% X1

Clean+FS- up to 85% X2



FS-up to 90% X1

No Feet No Hook Sn- up to 85% 2X1

Glute ham raise 3X10




FS- up to 85% X1

Sn @below knee blocks- up to 80% 2X1

Sn from ground-up to 80% X1

C&J up to 85%-X1

Core, low back, stability


Snatch MAX


We don’t always take lifts up to a max on Friday


BS-up to 95%+ X1

OHP- up to 3RM, 90% 3X3

RDL- 70% 3X5


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Weeks like this do vary. This isn’t what every third week of a training cycle looks like. But just incase some of you out there are Curious George, this is what a typical week looks like for me. This isn’t the best and only way to practice Olympic weightlifting, but lifting off percentages is definitely a great way to go about it. I believe there are many benefits to it… which give me a discussion topic for tomorrow!! Stay tuned.

Have a stellar evening. Peace :)

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