I still can’t believe that it’s March… where has the time gone? Time being at school has gone pretty slowly because of how much it sucks, but at the same time… the days/weeks are flying by! Does that make sense? Probably not, but hopefully you get the idea. Things were a little bit mixed up last week because I decided to re-do the first workout of the Crossfit Open… which was a bad idea.

My first effort is always my best effort. I’m pumped up, excited, and go balls to the wall. I do try to stick to a certain strategy, but if that strategy doesn’t work, I just think of a new one on the fly and go with it. That’s what Crossfit is all about. This time around, though, I made a big mistake of looking at the Leaderboard far too many times. I then started to have some doubts… I don’t have a Crossfit gym out here, it’s hard to practice most of the movements that are important, and there are a million other things going on that take priority over qualifying for regionals. That being said, there is just way too much going on for me to put in a 100% effort for this year’s open… which is why I won’t be “officially” participating.

Of course I went back and forth with this idea probably 600 times. And I just heard a million different voices saying, “How bad do you really want it?” In all honesty, I don’t feel like I want it that bad. Would it be a great accomplishment to qualify for regionals? Of course it would be… I’d like to think that I work my ass off everyday. The announcement of the first workout didn’t get me excited, I felt like I wasn’t giving it 100% during the first workout (both attempts…) and my head just isn’t in it right now. I felt insane amount of pressure to do well because I didn’t want to let anybody down. When people expect you to do well and you don’t, it just SUCKS. The pressure, school, work, thinking about grad school, applying for internships, and the stresses of everyday life are accumulating. I don’t need the extra pressure of the Open. Does that mean I’m going to stop doing Crossfit? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It just means that sometimes life gets in the way and you need to do what makes you happy.


The first workout of the Open.

Not letting the disappointment of my decision get in the way, I hit today like I would any other day. I’m still feeling a little beat up from doing 14.1 twice, so I did more skill than strength work today.

Behind The Neck Push Press: 3-3-3-3-3 (Increase load each set)

3 Rounds:

Row 500m

Run 400m

Take a short break, then… 

20 Pullups

Rest 45 seconds

20 Pullups

Rest 45 seconds

15 Pullups

Rest 45 seconds

15 pullups

SKILL: Utilize 15-20 minutes to work on butterfly pullups


3 Rounds: 

10 Dumbbell alternating Snatch (75#/55#)

10 Burpees



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