BB warm-up (squats, press, overhead squats, front squats, split squats)
Snatch 5×3
Cleans 5×3
Snatch Pull to hip 4×4
Behind the Neck Power Jerks 5×3
Back Squat 5×5
Military Press 5×5

This was one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in terms of a total body workout and I’m feeling sore today.  On my last set of squats my hamstring felt pretty crappy and tightened right up but after some breathing and massage it felt fine but a little tight today.  My adductors are super tight today which is something that I don’t like because they shouldn’t be like that just after squats.  I got some height added to my Olympic Lifting shoes today so hopefully this will help my squat and get rid of the tightness in the bottom position of the squat as my knees will be able to travel forward like a normal human who doesn’t have Alien Ankles

  • Posted on 5. March 2014
  • Written by Keith Enderlein1
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