I’m back home at Crossfit Haven for the next week and a half and couldn’t be happier! Today started off with a PR on my 1RM hang clean…. which I wasn’t expecting/planning for! The difference that actually being happy and motivated makes….. so good to not be in Macomb Illinois. The second I bolted out of that parking lot my spirits immediately lifted.

So first I started off with a little nasty complex…. that got nasty real quick!

Power Clean + Split Jerk + Hang clean: built across 10 sets

Hang Clean: Work up to a heavy single (In my case, worked up to a PR)

After watching the video, there are a couple of things I realized. First of all, after doing a million reps/sets, I start to do a little butt-stripper action. My butt shoots up and I lose some power in my pull. So, that’s something to work on. Also, as you can see in the video, I catch the bar pretty effing high… I just couldn’t get my stupid hips to stop, got stuck extra deep in the hole, and it was just impossible to get out. That’s okay, though…. I can feel it in store for next time.


Strict Chest To Bar Pull Ups: 30 total


2 sets for work:

10 pistols

8 Toes to Bar

4 Strict Handstand Pushups

2 Strict Muscle Ups

Then, I got convinced into doing a “short little burner”… a couple things are funny about that sentence. First of all, there isn’t much convincing with me. If you ask me to do a wod, there’s a 99% chance I’ll do it. No matter what it is. Secondly, the “short little burner” turned out to suck total ass! It doesn’t sound hard, trust me… but it sucked.

4 Rounds:

Row 250m

2 Muscle Ups

25 Double Unders

Then I just capped the day off with some snatch work from position one. Super slow, didn’t feel too great, was at the end of the day…. oh well. This ended quickly because my shoulder and hip were starting to kill me… I tend to overdo things when I come home, just because I have no access to them at school and I get all excited. So today I decided to be SMART!






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