I turned this week into somewhat of a deload, just because I feel incredibly burned out and that I need time to reevaluate what is most important. Thinking about it, I definitely lost sight of why I love and can’t get enough of Crossfit. Even just after the first workout of the Open, I was feeling incredible amounts of pressure to do well. I forgot about the “fun” aspect of it and turned to the leaderboards, who was ahead of me, what I could have done to get a better score….. Now, I don’t know about you, but those types of racing thoughts in addition to the thousands of other stressors I have is enough to drive any normal person crazy. I consider myself a pretty tough and resilient person, but I just couldn’t handle it all. I hit a couple PR’s this week because I went into the gym not giving a crap about numbers, times, the clock, percentages, programs… nothing. I went into the gym to MOVE. Today was honestly the first time I’ve felt this FREE in quite some time. It’s a wonderful relief when you’re able to see things for what they truly are. Crossfit is fun, Crossfit is a part of my life, but my times, scores, and numbers don’t define me.

Free. Happy. Having fun. Getting rowdy. Letting loose. Being around people that support you no matter what..THAT is what Crossfit is all about… that is what TRAINING is all about…

Today was an absolute grinder. I loved every second of it. Because of my slight fall in motivation and energy this week, I was unable to bring myself to that “dark place” that is often talked about by Crossfitters. It was clear that my mental toughness had taken quite a hit. Here’s the thing about mental toughness… it’s about staying disciplined, sticking to your game plan, and staying calm. It’s about staying calm even when your game plan that you so badly wanted to stick to goes completely out the window. Everyone is in pain and everyone is hurting… it’s that simple. Mental toughness comes in to play when YOU are able to realize how badly you’re hurting… but also realize how badly you want it. Staying mentally in control of a workout will take you to that dark place…. in a good way. The dark place is where you find yourself digging into your soul to see what you’re made of. I got that back today. It took a few days to shake myself of the funk that 14.1 and the open left me in… but I feel like KP is back and ready to RUMBA! So, here’s what happened today:


Row 1000

Roll out every single inch of my aching body

Get Mobile and Get Warm!




Rest 1 Minute



Rest 2-3 minutes, then…

3 Minute AMRAP:

3,3,6,6,9,9 (ladder) of..

Deadlifts (135/95)

Toes to Bar

3 Minute Rest, Then…

3 Minute AMRAP:

10 Wall Balls (20/14)

5 Power Cleans (135/95)

3 Minute Rest, Then…

3 Minute AMRAP:

5 Cleans (full) (135/95)

10 Burpees Over Bar

3 Minute Rest, then…

Fran Ladder


Thrusters (95/65)


SKILL: Butterfly Pullups

Butterfly pullups felt great today. Keeping your feet together and gaining all of the pulling strength has been a tremendous help. Improving your pulling strength (through bar pullups, ring pullups, weighted pullups..) allows you to have to swoosh your legs less and therefore stay in more control of the movement. Large leg swinging often leads to screwing up of rhythm and a lot of time wasted trying to get that tempo and rhythm back. Someone asked me today how I learned to do butterfly, and I think my answer was a bit daunting… but it was the truth.

I started doing singles. I started doing single butterfly pullups. Yes, one at a time. One rep, drop from the bar. I’d do 50 of them. Once I felt that every inch of me was moving properly, I started doing 2 butterfly pullups (Linked together). I’d do 20 or so sets of 2 butterfly pullups. The next week or so (or whenever I was felt ready), I’d add in 1 more pullup. The second my form started breaking, I stopped. Why force your body to memorize an improper movement? Intricate and complicated skills take a lot of tedious practice, time, and energy. Put in the work and reap the benefits.


Protect your hands. You might need them time and again.


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