I competed this past Sunday in the Hassle Free Invitational. I’m not sure how I finished overall, but I took first as a 69kg lifter. Overall, I was pleased with my performance; however, I left wanting so much more. I went 2 for 3 in Snatch and 2 for 3 in the Clean and Jerk. Snatch 77, 80, Missed 83 on the third attempt. Clean and Jerk, 98, 103, missed the jerk at 106. I still have trouble sleeping over missing that jerk!!!! I was feeling so confident in my jerk that I knew if I could clean it, I was going to put that thing over head. Welp, may have been a little too confident. I’M STILL NOT OVER IT! HOW DID I MISS THAT!!! I just rushed it. I was so excited I cleaned 106 with as much ease as I did that I was way too anxious to finish. Anyways… I am pleased over all with my performance because finally all the hard work I put into practice and recovery is paying off. I had to take a few steps back to work hard on technique, but I know its going to make for big gains in the near future. I am much more confident on the platform and I am starting to be much more consistent with lighter weights. AND It’s finally transferring to heavier weights!

Here are my best lifts








103 KG







I am pleased but no where near satisfied, nor will I ever feel satisfied in this sport. I know I still have a lot of work to do, especially in order to make those third attempts!! I am excited more than ever to improve and get stronger.

In order to see more gains, I need to be more consistent in practice. I WILL be more consistent in practice!!! It is my goal to make each rep look the same. I also want to work more with my mental game. My Dad has said from day one, “Visualize success,” and I always used to sort of laugh when would say that. Now, to date, every coach I have had has told me to “Visualize success.” “You have to believe it and see it before you do it.” “Go through the motions in your head.” Amazingly enough, that shit is legit. In fact, when I played Volleyball at Sacramento City College we had team visualization before every game. Our coach would verbally walk us through the game as we sat in silence with our eyes closed visualizing success! My current weightlifting coach is pushing that I focus up before each lift and take time to go through the motions in my head. I need to be able to find the happy medium between being super intense and calmly focused. I have found this to be the toughest part of my game.

Anyways… I had a lot of fun on the platform last weekend. Something about performing in front of large crowds makes me pumped. PLUS, I had my awesome family there to support!!! I couldn’t be more grateful for their love and support through this weightlifting endeavor of mine! Competition is what keeps me hooked. Seeing how other girls are progressing lights my fire, I am a competitor and I want to win. All the hard work is done with no one watching, its simply for my enjoyment. So being able to compete and perform is a rewarding feeling. :)

Visualize BIG weights my friends. Peace

Here is my entire Palo Alto Barbell Team compilation too!! I’m around 1:15.



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