Day 9 was pretty uneventful so I’ll just put it down real quick.

5×3 clean
5×3 snatch
Split Jerk Technique work

Day 10
7×3 block snatch
7×3 block clean
5×3 behind the neck jerk
4×5 snatch grip pull to hip
5×5 Back Squat

Over the weekend I had a little liftathon and ended up with about 50 videos to look at.  First of all I haven’t seen myself lift since I’ve been at Waxman’s and dang my Olympic lifts don’t even look the same.  I look like a different person.  I’m actually extending onto my toes and not just throwing my hip at the bar but rather exploding with the bar upwards.  Obviously I have a long ways to go but watching myself Sunday really seemed to help today with snatches and cleans.  I felt more confident about my movements and got more out of the cues than before.  I think too many athletes only use video to show off or use on instagram and don’t use it as a tool.  When you don’t have a coach it can be a great tool and you can coach yourself or can send it out to a coach to have them look at it.

Jerks finally are feeling good which has never happened before.  With the cues I’m getting I’m able to feel like I’m using my legs and lower body and not my arms.  The bar is flying off my back or chest and I’m catching it overhead where as before i felt like I was soft pressing the end of every rep.  I’ll go into more discussion later on what the changes and cues I’ve been getting once I understand everything a little better.  Each week is a new learning experience and I’m excited for the changes, both as an athlete and as a coach.

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