Some mornings you wake up, roll (yes, literally, ROLL) out of bed because your body hurts too much to move, and you try to stand up… and say to yourself, “Holy hell! What is today going to be like?” Well, this morning was one of those mornings. My quads ached, my shoulders were killing me, and my CALVES have been destroyed since Monday’s run! I knew today was a power snatching kind of day, though, so I was excited… But, let’s be honest… even if I wasn’t excited, I’d still end up going and grinding through whatever it is I had to do. That’s life sometimes, folks.

Power Snatch from Blocks: Work triples at around 75%-80%, work to a heavy-ish double, heavy single

My shoulders felt surprisingly loose today, so it didn’t take as many warm up reps as it usually does to start feeling warm and ready to go. And it also wasn’t long before my power snatches got lower and lower and lower…. until I broke parallel and they were no longer power snatches. That’s okay, though… because I hit another PR today! I’m telling you guys, stress does crazy things to the mind and body… and the absence of it does even crazier things (In the best way possible). I’m not exactly stress free, but I am learning to not let my mind go into overdrive, stay calm, and be happy with my accomplishments rather than dwell on my failures.

Panda Pulls: 3 sets x 3 reps  (100% of 1RM)

Then we did this spicy little wod that I absolutely loved. Give me box jumps and I’m one happy camper.

5 Rounds For Time: 

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs

10 Toes to bar

Took a short break, then…

Strict Overhead Press: 6 sets x 2 reps at 80% 1RM

These felt especially strong today, so I moved up in weight for the last 4 sets. Isn’t it fun to feel like you’re getting stronger?!

Tabata: ABmat Situps

An extremely short but productive day. Not every session has to last 3 hours to feel like you accomplished something. Plus, how happy could you possibly be if you feel like you’re a slave to your program or the gym? I’m still getting accustomed to doing less, too, so I’m not exactly one to talk here…. but what I will say is this: being great at what you do (not necessarily a weightlifter or a Crossfitter or an athlete of any sort.. just anything in life) requires not ONLY a substantial amount of hard work, but it requires a person to learn balance. BALANCE. Learning to prioritize and reevaluate what’s truly important to you. Learning to manage your time so that you’re able to get things done in an efficient manner. Learning to let things go when they need to be let go of… learning to be happy with how far you’ve come and the strides you’ve made….. and learning when to kick up your feet and take an effing break. Being only 22 years old, I don’t want to look back when I’m 60 and have to say to myself, “I didn’t really have that much fun all those years because I was too focused on being perfect”. I just want to be happy.



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