It is crazy that I’m up to day 12 already on this weightlifting journey at Waxman’s gym.  The amount of knowledge I’ve gained as a coach and athlete is totally worth the hour plus drive to the gym twice a week.  I wish I had more time to go more frequently but for now I’m still seeing progress with two days per week and my schedule will have to open up a lot for me to be able to commit more days than that with Waxman’s gym. I’m still training 6 days per week but only 2 at Waxman’s.  Lately the days have been getting fun and starting to actually put some weights on the bar.

Day 11
Snatch 6×3
Clean 6×3
Clean Pulls 4×4
Split Jerk 4×3
Military press 5×5
Front Squat 5×5

Day 12
Snatch 7 or 8 sets of 3 (lots of corrections and good work)
Clean and Push Jerk 6×3 (tiring)
Clean pulls 4×4
Split Press 5×3
Back Squat 4×3

Day 12 was hard with the 6×3 clean and push jerk.  First time every doing real clean and jerks with real weight.  It was pretty fun.  I was supposed to do clean and jerk (split jerk) but my shoulder were feeling tight as I’ve been doing overhead work 4-5 times per week for the past 2 weeks so I just went with push jerk and the shoulders were feeling a lot better by the end of it.  I am getting use to the added height of my oly shoes and my receiving position has been feeling much better now.  Hopefully things continue to progress.  I felt that my cleans were much smoother and was getting good high contact on my leg and the bar wasn’t crashing down on my shoulder like the last couple of weeks.  This is nice because I was getting a little worried there.  I’m really enjoying weightlifting and can’t wait to start getting the technique dialed in and more consistent so I can do work on my own and more frequent.  I’d much rather just snatch and clean 5-6 days per week than the more tradition stuff that I’m doing right now but all that stuff is the based that is necessary so I can allow my body to handle that sort of training later on.  PEACE!

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