IT’S WEDNESDAY ALREADY! Which means that half the week is over, it’s almost the weekend, and… it’s getting warmer out! Almost time to whip out the outdoor equipment and do some gnarly outdoor wods!!! Today, though, was a gloomy and blustery day.. and I didn’t want to do anything except snuggle in bed. Thank god for COFFEE and COOL ASS MUGS to get my day going!


Hang Power Clean Doubles: Every Minute On The Minute for 10 Minutes

Deficit Clean Pulls: 3-3-3

Strict Overhead Press: 2 reps @ 80% On the Minute for 6 Minutes (6 sets total)

Push Press: 2 reps @ 80% On the Minute for 5 Minutes (5 sets total)

Strict Pull Ups: 5-5-5 – Typically I would do more, but this is when my shoulder started to bother me and I had to throw in the towel.

Weighted Reverse Hyperextensions: 10-10-10 holding 45 pound plate

Because I want to focus on strength but at the same time keep my conditioning at at least a SOMEWHAT decent level, most of my strength work lately has been a lot of on-the-minute type work… or sets with very short rest periods in between. Even when short rest periods aren’t planned, I tend to do them anyway… I hate sitting around and waiting in between sets. I get really worked up and anxious and kind of just want to get under the bar and get the set going— even if my body isn’t quite ready. Something else to work on… because this tendency is the reason why I have a hurt shoulder. Sigh…

Then I came home and had probably 5 pounds of meat.


Meatballs, sausage, and a FULL avocado. KP likes her fats.

It dawned on me that I needed to do a met-con today, but I had already come home from class, got settled at home, and was in NO MOOD to go out into the insane windiness going on outside, drive to the gym, and try to fight people for a space to do what I needed… so… I created an APARTMENT WOD! What do you need to do it? One stinkin’ kettlebell. Or a dumbbell! People seem to think that without being surrounded by a crossfit community, without having a crossfit gym to workout at, and not having Rogue equipment means that a good workout can’t be done. WRONG! Limited equipment and space just means that you have to get creative. You’d be surprised how much you could come up with! I was pooped after this little doozy…

10 Minute Apartment AMRAP:

15 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

12 One-Arm Clean and Jerk (6 Each Arm)

10 Goblet Squats

Quick, tiring, easy, works your whole body, BOOM! And all you need is one little piece of equipment that is super portable, can be taken anywhere….. what else could you want?! I was frickin’ sweating and dying on the floor by the time I got done with this bad boy! The hardest part of a workout like this? Forcing yourself to get up and get moving in the living room of your apartment. Once you get that down, though, the rest is gravy… 😉


No equipment? NO PROBLEM! 

That’s all for today guys. I’m taking it a little “easy” this week so that I don’t get any more injuries/further hurt my shoulder. I’m also doing things that I feel like doing instead of sticking to a rigid and strict plan (not that I’m the type that HAS to do everything according to plan anyway). If I’m tired, I’ll stay in bed and move my session to another time of day when I feel more loose and ready to go. I’m not in a place where I have to worry about the leaderboard or scores or anything…. I’m just happy that I get to move, sweat, and do whatever I want everyday. I can’t tell you what a relief that is! I also have exciting news…. I am officially registered to get my USAW Sports Performance Coach certification in May…. SO STOKED!!!!!!!!!! I can’t lie to you guys.. I love Crossfit, but weightlifting is beginning to woo me more and more day by day…………..

Have fun. No pressure. Sweat it out. Eat good food. Sleep well. Be happy. Smile.


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