Well, I peeled myself out of bed this morning after 5 minutes of telling myself that I didn’t want to move, that I wanted to remain basically paralyzed in my blanket burrito, and just lay there until my class started at 9. But, of course, I forced myself to get up. I blasted Eminem’s most recent album because let’s be honest, nobody gets me going like my boy Eminem. Even though his most recent album is weirdly apologetic and non-angry, I still like it. I told myself I’d take it easy today, since this is technically my deload week, but I decided to get honest with myself: KP can’t take things easy. I might SAY that I will, or I might think it’s in my body’s best interest to, but once I get going, I just can’t. I have a hard time NOT going balls to the walls. Not even in weightlifting and Crossfit, but basically everything in life. It’s like this: nobody wants the shitty parental version of an Eminem song. We want swearing, screaming, yelling, and anger in that bitch. BRING ON THE PROFANITY!!!!!!! That’s how I feel about everything I do. No censor, just go. Go, go go. Today was painful, though, because body parts in my upper and lower halves both hurt.


Snatch High Pull + Hang Power Snatch: Work up to around 75%, then do 5 sets with that weight. This really hurt my lower back.

Bench: 10 sets x 2 reps, as heavy as possible. Haven’t benched in a while, and just laying on the bench hurt my back. And benching hurt my shoulders. Sigh….

SKILL: Strict handstand pushups. 30 Total

WOD: ”Ice Cream Paint Job”


Row 60 calories

1 Minute rest

Row 40 calories

1 Minute Rest

Row 20 calories

1 Minute rest

Row 10 calories

Short break (2-3 minute rest), then…

3 Rounds:

Row 15 Calories

10 burpees over rower

That’s all I have for you guys today. Sorry that my life is a big mess of boring injury-ness and lame workouts. I wish I could tell you that I wake up everyday like I used to, pumped up, ready to throw some weight around, but I just don’t. I’m feeling extremely burned out, mentally and physically, and I’m going to be honest… I’m not quite sure that this funk will go away until I’m done in this crappy town and I’m home, with my friends and supporters and coaches, back to having the time of my little life. For now, I’m not really trying/expecting any significant gains. With school taking up a ton of my time and energy, my head just really isn’t in the right place to focus on anything other than maintaining my current strength and maybe sort of kind of hoping for small improvements. Rowing is basically the only movement that doesn’t hurt/ leave me in tears, so I guess I’ll have to start getting pretty creative with the good ole erg in the next few days….


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