It’s Saturday…. and, well, I went against deload week rules: I hit a PR on my hang snatch! Very surprising, considering my entire body was hurting. Then, I got persuaded into doing Crossfit Open workout 14.5…. and I was shocked at how well I did and how good it felt!


Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch: Work up to a max for the day

Push Jerk: Worked light across 5ish sets

Crossfit Open 14.5

For Time:


Thrusters (95/65)

Bar Facing Burpees

The thrusters felt insanely light, and it also helps that I absolutely love them. So, going into this wod, I knew that it was basically a burpee workout for me. I don’t have very fast burpees, and I tend to forget to breathe during them. I started off smooth and kept a nice pace throughout…. I would’ve liked to have gone faster, but oh well! Just have to work on my motor. Because, if you know me, I’m a strength gal… endurance= KP hates it.


Even though I wasn’t officially competing in the Open this year (that is, submitting my scores), I still completed each workout with the mindset that I wanted to kick ass. It’s been really difficult to try to get really great at weightlifting while also trying to get really good at Crossfit… while also trying to get a really good motor. All of these 3 things are basically their own entities and, unless you’re Rich Frickin Froning, the chances of you getting GREAT at all of them at the same time are slim to none. It’s just not really a realistic goal. I’m incredibly happy the open is over and my mind doesn’t have to be so preoccupied with working on Crossfit skills, tricks, and whatever the hell else Dave Castro wants crossfitters to be good at. So, even though my heel is killing me after today, and my hip is basically shut down, I can’t help but feel happy.


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