IT’S THE LAST DAY OF MARCH!!! YES!!!! Today it was 65 degrees in Illinois and I think everyone nearly shit their pants/ frolicked outside with no clothes on. HAVE WE FINALLY GOTTEN PAST THE DREADFUL COLD OF WINTER?!?!?! We can only hope.

Anyway, today I woke up feeling insanely sore from doing 14.5 on Saturday. Sure, I may do met cons 4 or 5 times a week, but 1) I do met cons by myself in a regular gym and 2) I don’t think it’s EVER possible to push that hard when you’re by yourself. When you’re surrounded by people that may be better than you, or are just chasing you, you stop less, take shorter breaks, and hold on longer. When you’re alone, what’s the point of stopping less, taking breaks, etc.? It’s not like anyone is chasing you or you have anything to prove. Yeah… Exactly. So, that being said, I haven’t done a metcon like that in a long time. It made me realize that my motor needs A LOT of work… And that I also need to suck it up and take care of my injuries right now before they get any worse. After doing 14.5, the pain in my heel was almost unbearable, as was my lower back. So, I’ll be doing pretty short and basic (and LAME) workouts until these injuries subside.

I was supposed to snatch today, and I’m really pissed that I couldn’t… because the catch hurt too bad. UGH! So, here’s my day….

   – Front Squat – 75% x 3 reps x 5 sets

Snatch Deadlift – 100% (of snatch) x 5 reps x 3 sets

SKILL: Butterfly Pullups: 40 total

SKILL: Strict handstand pushups: 30 total

8 Minute AMRAP:

7 Shoulder to Overhead (from floor) (115/75)

4 Front Rack Lunges

10 Hands Release Pushups

I guess I got some good stuff done, but it sucks not being able to snatch or clean and jerk with heavy weight. Last week I did, and it felt okay at first, but my hips and lower back were killing me afterwards. I got a new Velcro Harbinger belt, though, and it felt awesome when I was squatting today… lately when I’ve been even taking the bar off the rack I’m on the verge of tears because of the pain, but today was *almost* pain free. There was still a slight pinch though. :(

Be smart. There’s no rush. Take care of yourself and then worry about getting better as an athlete.

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