First of all, it’s April Fools. I haven’t been “April Fooled” or participated in any sort of “April Fooling” probably since I was in high school. And even then, I wasn’t very convincing… I laugh and smile way too much, which isn’t the best delivery. Oh well. Secondly, completely non-fitness related, Facebook has changed its layout again and let me tell you… I don’t like it. The only reason I like it is because pictures are bigger…. as if we needed pictures to be bigger. Sigh. Anyway! Let’s talk about my fun day!


Back Squat: 5 sets x 2 reps @ 70%

Snatch Pull: 3 reps x 2 sets @ 90% (of snatch), 2 reps x 2 sets @ 100%

Push Jerk: 5 sets x 3 reps @ 75%

WOD: “Mastermind”

6 Minutes To Finish:



Wall Balls (30/20#)

Rest 2 Minutes

4 Minutes To Finish:



Wall Balls

Rest 2 Minutes

2 Minutes to Finish:



Wall Balls

I love workouts like this. Instead of just doing a 12 minute AMRAP of burpees and wall balls in a ladder style, you’re kind of FORCED to go balls to the walls each and every time. You’ll go faster for a couple reasons, the first one being that you have to finish within a set amount of time. There isn’t much time (or point) in planning this type of workout; all you can do is fly out the gate and try to finish everything within the given time cap. Another reason you’ll go faster is because of the recovery period. Now, I know, a lot of people will say “2 minutes?!?!?! That’s nothing!” But surprisingly, it goes by slowly and when you get started again you feel a whole new wind. The workout still sucked though 😉


Hang Power Snatch: 5 sets x 3 reps at 75%

I’m trying so hard to like snatching, but it’s happening slowly. Let’s be real, snatching is hard. It’s so frickin’ intricate and there’s so many things to keep in mind when you snatch that it’s enough to make you crazy/ have a panic attack. Plus, that wide grip and flinging that kind of weight overhead can be scary. It takes a hell of a confident person to be able to drive under large amount of weights over and over and over again. My lower back hurt a lot during these… I should have worn my pretty new belt. Oh well.

That’s my day guys. Have fun and smile! It’s almost Hump Day!




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