This is a late-night post because my entire day has been consumed by me either reading/studying/trying to get rid of this grogginess feeling. My rest days each week change depending on how I feel, and today when I woke up I felt like I did when I woke up on Sunday: like shit. Sore throat, super nauseous, pounding headache…. and I had to peel myself out of bed. I was actually awakened by my alarm….. which is CRAZY! If you know me, 7am is considered sleeping in. I had to get woken up by my alarm… at 7 FRICKIN’ AM! So, my day kind of started on a crappy note. It’s days like this that I need rest days; my head isn’t in it and I have no desire to do anything. However, at about 7:45 PM (an hour-ish ago), I drank my bulletproof coffee and got a little pep in my step. I decided to treat today like an active recovery day. Although, I must say, the workout I did didn’t feel much like recovery! But, it did get my blood flowing and I feel much better. Hopefully I don’t wake up tomorrow feeling like crap. And yes, to answer your question, I drink coffee all day long. Until I go to sleep. And no, that’s not the reason I have sleep problems.



For Time:

100 KB Swings

100 Air Squats

100 Pushups

100 Situps

100 Pistols

This was a lot of fun and I listened to some hardcore Eminem throughout the whole thing. Not sure how long it took me, because I didn’t really pay attention to the clock on my stove, but it was probably around 25 minutes.


Sweating my ass off in the comfort of my own apartment.

Have fun! We’re past the hump and it’s almost the weekend!

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