IT’S 70 DEGREES AND SUNNY TODAY, AND I’M PRETTY SURE WITH MY HALF-CUBAN SKIN TYPE, I GOT A  NICE TAN GOING JUST FROM MY WORKOUT! I was feeling crappy all day… my neck pain was so horrible that it woke me up at 3:30 AM…. and I’ve been awake ever since then. I’ve tried to nap in between classes to no avail. My body just seems to be resistant to sleep these days. It’s been one of my roughest weeks in a really long time, but today felt really good. Being away from the barbell is a huge relief sometimes, physically and mentally. So, here’s what I did today!


4 Mile Run 

20 Burpees

20 1-Arm Kettlebell Thrusters (53/35) (10 each arm)

Boom. There are more and more bodyweight movements I’m trying that don’t seem to bother my neck. I’m also seeing my active release lady tomorrow, who seems to  have fingers of steel. My neck seems like it’s healing a lot faster this time around, though… probably because I haven’t been an idiot like I was before. Although it’s been difficult, I’ve stayed away from anything barbell related and have stayed away from movements that although need much practice, haven’t practiced, because I know that I’ll further put off my recovery. And then I’ll really have to be put into an insane asylum. 

Get outside, soak in the Vitamin D, and enjoy yourselves. Also, my daddy is going to be here tomorrow! I’m getting some work done on the tattoo done on my wrist to reward myself for being such a good gal this week. Do you know how rare it is that I reward myself?! It’s real effing rare, and tattoos are one of my favorite things on this earth. I’ll post some sweet ass pictures tomorrow.


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