It’s Tuesday. I have 16 days left in this town….. 16 FRICKIN’ DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m praying to the heavens that time flies… I have a chronic case of senioritis and it makes it hard to stay focused/motivated on just about ANYTHING. That being said, it took every ounce of strength I had in my soul today to get up and get to the gym. You would think with such beautiful weather, I’d be excited to get moving…. but no. Burnout blows. Let’s start off with my active recovery day yesterday… Me, Kayla Perry, has been doing YOGA. YOGA?!?!?! If you know me, you know that yoga is a an absolute snooze fest… there’s just so much arm circling and sitting/standing still. Lame. But, my mobility needs work and the yoga seems to be helping. Here was my recovery day yesterday (Monday):

Yoga: 30 Minutes

Then, with a 35 pound kettle bell: 

20 deadlifts

20 hang cleans (10 each arm)

20 front squats

20 push press (10 each arm)

20 sit ups  (without kettle bell)

20 pushups (without kettle bell)

20 V-Ups (obviously…without kettle bell)

Today things got a little mixed up, and I went to the gym at an absolutely HORRIBLE time… it was insanely crowded and full of douchebags who have the worst pickup lines, want to make small talk in between each set, and ask a million questions… ugh. Dreadful environment. I started off my workout at the track, though…. which was super fun!

400m Run

5 Minute As Many Flights As Possible: Stadium Bleachers (in the football stadium)

Rest 3 minutes

Hill Sprints: On the 30 second mark for 5 minutes

Immediately into: 

2 Rounds:

20 double unders

10 Burpees

Then trekked on back to the gym full of tools and did this….

Front Squat: 3 reps x 4 sets @ 85%

Snatch Pull: 3-3-3

Romanian Deadlift: 5-5-5

Weighted Pullups: 3-3-3-3

Weighted Reverse Hyperextensions: 10-10-10

That’s it. My workouts suck out here. I’m just kind of working out to keep moving and keep my blood flowing. Did I mention I’m done in 16 (almost 15…) days?


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