5 days guys. 5 little days….. the studying is going well and I’m praying to the high heavens that my finals go smoothly… and that packing up the rest of my shit isn’t as big a pain in the ass as packing up the first 85% of my apartment was. Moving/packing really sucks…. for people who move a lot, I gotta hand it to you….. I’ve only moved twice in my life and each time was just miserable. You really don’t really realize how much crap you have until you have to find a way to shove it in the last box because there’s no room left for more boxes…yikes. ANYWAY…. today was a great day, gym-wise. My knee hurt quite a bit during squatting, but besides that, I had a lot of fun. Did you hear that? I had FUN. Fun is hard to come by these days.

Deficit Snatch High Pull + High Hang Power Snatch: (1+1)x2 for 7 sets (add weight each set)

High Hang Power Clean: 2 reps x 3 sets (These really bothered my neck, so I stopped early)

Split Clean and Jerk: (1+1)x2 for 5-6 sets


Power Clean and Jerk: 7-7-7, unbroken; focusing on speed and efficiency while still maintaining form

Front Squat:

Set 1: 3 @ 70%

Set 2: 3 @ 80%

Set 3: 2 @ 85%

Set 4: 1 @ 90%

Set 5: 1 @ 95%

Set 6: 2 @ 90%

Set 7: 4 @ 85%

Bench Press: 

Set 1: 5 @ 60%

Set 2: 3 @ 70%

Set 3: 1 @ 85%

Set 4: 3 @ 85%

Set 5: 2 @ 90%

Set 6: 5 @ 80 %

Set 7: 5 @ 80%


I love high hang stuff because I feel that it helps me focus on verticality. When first starting Crossfit, the “back whip” was a common way to hoist the bar into the air for both the snatch and the clean and jerk. While this may have helped get the weight up in the beginning, that’s a shit ton of load to be putting on the spine….. no bueno. And, let’s be real… how far can a back whip really take you in terms of weight? I don’t really know, nor do I wish to find out. My back whip in the beginning wasn’t really happening in the clean but was a glaring hole in the snatch. I didn’t understand the mechanics of using my hips to levitate the bar, so I thought, “hey, I have a really strong back from deadlifting wrong for all those months… why not use it?” Yeah, I know, crazy thinking. Oh well. So, with the high hang, I’m forced to use the cue “wait until the bar passes your face to pull under”. Kind of a scary cue, because sometimes I feel like the bar will actually hit me in the face. If that’s not an indicator of verticality, I don’t know what is.

As far as split cleans go, today was the first time I’ve ever done them… and I have to say… i LOVE them! You know what I love about them? You’re combining lunges and cleans into one. Killing two birds with one stone, folks. That’s pretty cool. More importantly, though, I think they’re a great tool to further develop speed, fitness, balance, and athleticism. What I found incredibly compelling is that after my split clean, my split JERK felt a million times better. Now, why on earth could that be? Because the split clean forced me to pay attention to where my feet were going and gave me an idea of what proper balance and a strong stance felt like. YEAH, SUCK IT!

Then I went outside to tan for a couple hours. I have to work on getting Beyonce dark. I think I’m a little past Beyonce dark, though, so I’m leaning more towards tribal African tones. We’ll see. Have a wonderful weekend…. TALK TO YOU TOMORROW!!!

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