I woke up this morning absolutely exhausted and basically dragged my aching body out of bed. I wasn’t feel too well… throat was hurting, head was cloudy, and mostly I just slept like pure crap. On top of that, I knew that today was a 3rep max day for 3 movements that I’m not all too fond of… hang power clean, power jerk, and overhead squat. Well, I didn’t really reach 3 reps on all of them, but I gotta say…. I surprised myself with the weight I was able to put up today! Lots of misses though…. might have screamed so loud that you heard me two counties over, but hey… that’s life sometimes.

Hang Power Clean (Above knee): 3 Rep max

Ugly. But oh well. 

Power Jerk: 3 Rep max

Overhead Squat: 3 Rep max


8 Minute AMRAP:

200m Row

2 Clean and Jerks (225/160)

10 Ring Dips

30 double unders

Clean Technique Work: Clean Pull + Clean from below knee: 5-6 sets

Today was overall just a rough day. Although in the moment I was super pissed that I didn’t put up the numbers I would have liked to, looking back on it now, I never would have thought I’d be able to lift that kind of weight. A PR is a PR, no matter how big or small. And today, in a brutal fashion, exposed my extreme weaknesses and what I need to keep working on. Always a work in progress!

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