Today was supposed to be a mobility/rest day… but I came back for triple redemption. And, it went GREAT! Snatching felt awesome today besides my junky elbow. I changed my hand positioning a bit and worked a ton of pulls back into my routine and it made a world of difference. Ended on a good note! So, here’s my quick day….


Snatch Pull + Snatch High Pull + Snatch: Stuck with 65% and worked it for about an hour and a half. Video, snatch, watch video, analyze, assess…. repeat about 600 times.

Farmer’s Carry: Loaded up the farmer’s carry handles with 70 pounds each (the bar is around 20 pounds) and carried back and forth 5 or 6 times


When your body is telling you something, listen to it. If something hurts, then stop doing what you’re doing. If you’re tired and your head isn’t in it, maybe it’s better to stay in bed and take a mental and physical rest day.


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