Okay guys, so today was quite the day and writing out everything I did will amount to a novel. Don’t you just love Mondays?!?! :)

Snatch: 60% x 3, 65% x 3, 70% x 2, 75% 2 reps x 4 sets (add weight on the last couple sets if you’re feeling good. I added.)

Snatch Pull: 100% (of snatch) 3 reps x 4 sets

Behind The Neck Snatch Grip Jerk: Work with doubles around 65%-75%

Back Squat: 70% x 3, 75% 3 reps x 5 sets (Add weight the last few sets if you’re feeling good. Again, I added.)

Push Press: 70% x 5, 75% x 5, 80% 3 reps x 3 sets

I saw some of the guys hop on the rower and do a little row/plank “wod”, so I decided that I’d do something really quick while they were finishing up:

Mini Wod:

10 calorie row

8 DB Snatch (75/55)

12 Calorie row

8 DB Snatch

14 Calorie Row

8 DB Snatch

Then, later on, I did a wod from the Crossfit Mainsite….

3 Rounds:

15 Calorie Row

10 Burpees over the rower

SKILL: Muscle ups

And, to cap training off…… a 7 minute AMRAP from regionals a few years ago:

7 Minute AMRAP:

3,6,9,12, etc…




The RX for this wod for women was 65 pounds. For most wods, I use the men’s RX weight. Is it slower? Yeah. Do I give a shit about time? Absolutely not. I don’t really see much benefit in flying through a workout that feels like I’m using a PVC pipe. That’s not to say I’m totally against workouts that are lighter and have higher reps….. and that’s also not to say I think you should use weight close to your 1 rep max for met cons either. All I’m saying is that with strength being my top priority, NOT conditioning, I’d rather challenge myself with a heavier weight. So, I used 95 pounds. It got heavy pretty quickly, actually…


Here’s a new topic for today… NUTRITION! I get asked a lot what I eat, when I eat it, if I count macros, blah blah blah…. and “how I look the way I do?!!?!!?!” Well…. Here’s what I’ll say in a nutshell:


1) I don’t count macros.

2) I don’t measure my food.

3) I don’t eat breakfast. I drink my coffee black or with butter/coconut oil in the morning, depending on my training for that day.

4) I eat a shitload of fat. Upwards of 80+ grams if I had to put a number on it.

5) I eat a shitload of protein. At least my bodyweight in grams.

6) I eat when I’m hungry, I stop when I’m full. Meals aren’t timed, I don’t starve myself for X amount of hours each day until I can have my next meal….. Fuck that.

7) Carbs are pretty low. When I say “pretty low”, some days it’s around 60 grams and other days it’s around 100. The days that are higher are the days where volume and intensity (that is, percentages) are high AND I’m doing a met con or conditioning of some sort. Today, for example, I had around 100 or so grams of carbs (again, that’s an estimate–I DON’T MEASURE! :) )

8) Paleo is stupid.

There you have it. I train 5 or 6 days a week. Most workouts take around 2 and a half or 3 hours. I only eat twice a day simply because I’m at the gym my entire day and don’t have much access to somewhere to cook food…. so, my lunch and dinner are ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS!!!!! Which I love…. I’d rather have 2 insanely humongous meals than a bunch of small ones. I’m not a big snacker… go big or go home, ya feel me?

Have a terrific Monday.

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