Well, first day working out in Colorado…. and all I can say is… HOLY FUCKING ELEVATION!!!! I thought my lungs were going to burst and I have a headache/serious Fran cough that hasn’t gone away since this morning (which was over 8 hours ago… yikes). The box I went to was awesome, though…. they sold PERFECT FOODS BARS along with bajillions of other bars/drinks/ pre cooked paleo meals, and apparel. I haven’t been able to find Perfect Foods Bar ANYWHERE in Illinois, so I was stoked to try it.. and it’s as good as everyone says.


Pretty frickin’ excited.

So, here’s what my training day looked like:

Buy in: 200m sprint

3 Rounds of Strict Cindy: 

5 Strict Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Squats

Rested a few, then did On the Minute Power cleans. This is where I said to myself, “what in the hell is going on?! Why does this weight feel so heavy and why can’t I breathe?!?!!?” And then I thought… “Oh…. I can’t breathe… no wonder this weight feels so heavy.”

10 Minute EMOM: 

3 Touch and Go Power cleans (185/155) 

Rest a few Minutes, then… the wod that made my lungs and body fall to pieces:

5 Rounds- 90 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest 

20 Medball Slams (40#/20#)

With Remaining time, max amount double unders 

Rested a few, and to cap off the day….

500m Row Time Trial 

It was a great workout. I felt completely smoked by the end of it. I left slightly peeved just because I felt like my cleans weren’t the prettiest… and I haven’t done touch and go in what feels like forever. I have work to do on cleans… I have a newfound hatred for them.

Then, we went to downtown Denver and discovered an awesome ass FOOD TRUCK FEST going on! I immediately spotted Quiero Arepas, a food truck that apparently has the world’s best arepas. Holy smokes were they DELICIOUS! They’re on the expensive side (10 effin bucks?!!) But it was worth it. I was starving. All their stuff is gluten free and all natural.


Salmon, Capers, Avocado, Avocado sauce, mozzarella cheese… all cozy in a gluten free, crispy little wrap thing.

Then, after the delicious food, we walked around for about 2 hours. I’m absolutely exhausted…. And tomorrow is a big HIKE DAY!!!! WOO!!!

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