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End Line U Seminar

This seminar is for the beginner to the advanced athlete looking to improve their strength and learn how to do it in a safe and efficient manner. Technique is paramount in building strength because the lifts that yield the most benefits require proper skill to be able to adequately express strength. Many people having been squatting or cleaning for years with subpar technique that once fixed can lead to massive PR’s and allow them to train harder than before.
Most athletes are required to perform the clean, squat and deadlift with their teams in training but their coaches do not have the proper education to teach them proper technique, which leads to injury or lack of improvement. This is a great opportunity for athletes who are new to lifting to learn how to perform the lifts correctly from the get go, to avoid injury and reap the benefits of increased strength for their sport.
****We encourage coaches to come to learn and take back the system we use in developing technique and building strength for athletes.

The seminar is going to cover the following topics in both lecture and hands on work:
Program Design
Building the Clean
Building the Squat

The coaches that will be helping with the seminar are University Educated with backgrounds in Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning who have real world experience and have helped hundreds of athletes achieve proper technique and hit PR’s.

Keith EnderleinPhysical Preparation Coach and CEO of End Line Training Systems.
Keith is in his last semester of graduate school at CSU Fullerton studying Kinesiology with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning.  His passion is to help athletes achieve their goals in a safe and effective manner.  Before attending Fullerton Keith got his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a minor in nutrition while playing football for Western Illinois on scholarship.  Keith has interned and worked for one of the top performance companies in America, Juggernaut Training Systems;  that experience, along with his personal studies, has given him knowledge to help coach and prepare hundred of athletes to the top of their game.

Cecily Basques2013 Gold Medalist in the Clean & Jerk at the American Open Championships

Cecily is a Calaveras graduate and a full time Olympic lifter training at Sac State University with her coach Tom Distasio.  Before taking on Olympic lifting full time Cecily played volleyball at Sac City.  Cecily has coached at Mid-Town Barbell and currently works out of Amity CrossFit where she coaches Olympic lifting classes.

Cost to attend this awesome seminar and learn from coaches at the top of the industry is only $40.
Date: TBA
Location: TBA
Contact Keith Enderlein 209-419-0497 for more information.

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Custom Online Programming
Online programming allows clients to get a detailed program designed specifically for their individual needs. Clients will be sent a questionnaire to gather information about their past training and current goals. There will be adjustments made every 3 weeks based on how the program has been going. Video analysis and exercise explanation is available and is encouraged to optimize the program. No matter the goal we can help you get there! Email us for more information about the benefits of custom online programming.
$127 for 12 weeks.


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