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I’m going to keep this really short and sweet because it’s 10:56 pm and I just got home from work about 10 minutes ago. After a long and challenging day of training, I went to work for 9 hours with … Continue reading

First of all…. I’d love to start us all off with this: Blackhawks won in OT!!!!!!!!!! After a complete and total bullshit call…KARMA COMES BACK! SEABROOK BABY!!!!!!!!!!! After a rough playoff series, I guess we can say he redeemed himself … Continue reading

Doctor P is awesome. His music just gets you all pumped up and ready to rumble! Listen to “Bulletproof” featuring Eva Simons and tell me you don’t feel on top of the world! Today’s warm up: Jump rope 2 mins … Continue reading

Above is the beauty I ate after a wonderful strength and wod day! I woke up at 4:30 am and decided that I would go to the 5:30 class because there aren’t many people there. But holy shit, today was … Continue reading

MY BODY HURTS!!! I am absolutely exhausted. Today I went to a new box and LOVED IT!!! The people were super nice and informative and kicked my ass. I’m the type of person that needs someone to yell at me … Continue reading