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“Not only has Keith made me a better athlete, he has shown me how to be a hard worker on and off the field through dedication and sacrifice. A lot My success in football goes to Keith for not giving up on me and always pushing me to my limits. The knowledge he brings when it comes to athletics and nutrition is unmatched.”
Monti Wilson- Southern Oregon University-Legue MVP for 2010 Section Team, 2 Time 1st Team All-League, Lions All-Star Game MVP, Rushed for 1,722 yds and 25 TDs as a senior, 2 Time 1st Team All-League Wrestling, 2 Time State Qualifier for Wrestling.


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“Training with Keith was one of the best opportunities I could’ve been offered.  He helped me gain a significant amount of weight (+15 pounds) and my maxes in everything went up.  My bench went up 50 pounds and my squat went up 60 pounds from the end of basketball season until football started.  I also improved my 40 from a 4.63 to a 4.47. I wouldn’t be as good of an athlete without his training.”
Mike Seawell- 2013 League MVP, 3 Time 1st Team All-League, Averaged 11 YPC Senior Season, Rushed for 1,356 yards.

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“Training with End Line Training Systems aided in me being physically ready for the Navy.  As well as working towards developing myself to play college football, my workouts were uniquely fitted to building my aerobic and anaerobic capacity to meet the endurance requirements of The Naval Academy’s summer boot camp for incoming freshman.  Due to the preparation training I received from End Line Training systems, I was often complimented by my squad leaders during summer training as being one of the most physically fit incoming freshman in my company.  With the summer training over, I now have the opportunity to potentially start at quarterback for the Naval Academy’s lightweight football team.  In preparation for this, I will be using the online training program provided to me by Keith Enderlein to be as physically ready as possible.”
-Zack Johnson- Naval Academy, 1st Team All-League Football, Offensive Player of the Year, Lions All-Star Game Participant, Class Valedictorian.

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“When I was first introduced to Keith, I was under the impression he was a defensive back coach, being a linebacker I was hesitant against wasting my time doing unnecessary workouts, but nevertheless I was not going to pass up the opportunity to be trained by a collegiate athlete. During our first meeting it became apparent that Keith meant to better myself and my fellow teammates not just as football players but as athletes. His workouts were designed to help us perform on the field, mat, court, or track, not one or the other necessarily. As workouts continued, Keith taught me, and undoubtedly a few others, a valuable lesson or two from his own experience that many of us were too stubborn to comprehend; the importance of performing at our highest level on game day. Many high school athletes, myself included only thought of the short term and deemed it sometimes necessary to sacrifice ourselves just to get that extra rep in bench when in truth that one rep was not going to make any difference on the field and you may be worse off for it as an athlete if you tore your pec doing it and can no longer perform your job. Overall Keith offered a lot of knowledge to me and my fellow athletes and  brought in a modern, efficient style of workouts to Calaveras High School that many athletes appreciate and would not have been exposed to otherwise.”
Joe Elliot- 1st Team All-League Football, 1st Team All-League Wrestling, Lions All-Star Participant, Class Valedictorian, Civil Engineer Major at CSU Cal Poly.


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“When I started working with Keith I knew virtually nothing about body mechanics. His attention to detail and ability to explain the benefits of proper form has made him an incredible teacher. Without his help I would not only not be nearly as strong as I am, but I wouldn’t be able to use my strength as effectively. Keith truly cares about everyone he works with and has always been there to give advice and help me improve my athletic performance.”
Aviel Bowsher- UC Santa Cruz (swimming) Class Valedictorian.

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“I had the chance to work with Keith for a little more then two years. When I first started working with Keith I had a really bad knee and ankle. I play basketball year around and never get the chance to give my weak points a rest. Instead of taking a break to rest Keith helped me strengthen my weak points. I started jumping higher, getting stronger, and my speed increased remarkably. If Keith never helped me I would probably be out with an ACL tear or even a broken ankle!  While working with Keith my senior year of basketball I received League MVP, 1st  team all-league, and also made it to the 6 county all- star game! Now I am on to playing basketball at Modesto Junior College and starting as a freshman. I plan to move forward and play at a four-year. I still ask Keith for workout plans and if I have any weird injuries or pains, I go to him for advice.”
Brianna McGinnis- Modesto Junior College- League MVP 2013, 1st Team All-League, All-Area, 6 County All-Star Game Participant.



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“My experience training with end line training systems has been the best program I’ve had the privilege to train under coach Enderlein was able to assess my weak points and poor hip/ankle mobility weak glutes and hamstrings and turned them into strong, property functioning muscles and joints ending my plague of injuries. Also my squat nearly doubled along with I gained a ton of full body strength and speed. I would recommend end line training to any athlete looking for injury prevention and strength and speed gains.”
Nick Kohring- Undefeated (4-0) Professional MMA fighter, IFC Nor-Cal Middleweight Champion.


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“Training with Keith, has been a life changing experience for me. Not only did you better me as an athlete but as an overall person. He taught me to set my priorities straight and when I want something I have to work hard for it. Keith changed my eating habits as well and now I always fuel my Ferrari right! Before training with Keith I had read a lot of articles on lifting in my high school years and I thought I knew it all. Then Keith taught me how to use my back muscles to help me bench and I set a new PR in no time.”
Brett Taylor- Western Illinois University, Illinois Record Holder for Tackles in a season (210), Set a School Record 493 Tackles in a Carreer, 3 time All-Conference Selection Football, 2 Time All-Conference Baseball.

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“Working out with Keith gave me the opportunity to be exposed to every aspect of strength and conditioning. He made a program that focused specifically on what aspects I needed improvement in. He made his athletes needs a priority to him and he sacrificed his time to help his athletes reach their peak potential. By working out with Keith I was able to become a better overall athlete and I was able to reach goals I had set for myself in the weight room.”
Jarrod Rockhold-Lindenwood University- 1st Team All-Area, 1st Team all conference Db/Rb, 2nd in School History in Interceptions in a Season and Career, 3rd in School History in Single Season Rushing Yards (1,654). Longest interception return for a touchdown in school history, 3 Time All-Conference Wrestling, 2 Time State Qualifier, Ranked #1 Wrestler in Illinois Senior year.



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“My experience with Keith Enderlein’s nutrition was a very unique one. I have usually always maintained a steady lean poultry and fish diet with heavy Carb intake and high protein intake, but with Keith’s information and knowledge of the carb back loading diet, I felt different, much more energized, more lean and much more solid, my body even looked better than it ever did. Keith is a very intelligent individual and has introduced me to a great diet and great rehab advice for me as I return from shoulder surgery.”
Jean-Marc Charles- Western Illinois University- Named one of the Top 30 football players in Broward County as a Senior, Defensive Lineman of the Year, First Team All-Broward County.


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“Before I went to Keith my athletic ability was not up to par.  Keith helped me improve my hip mobility and flexibility.  After spending time training with Keith I felt my athletic ability increase.  Keith has helped me with my athletic ability in many areas that I lacked and I feel that without his help on the off-season I would not have the ability to go on to a four-year college.”
Eli Thom- Butte College (11-0), Offensive Lineman, All-Academic Team at Butte, MLL Offensive Lineman of the Year, 2 Time 1st Team All-League, 2nd Team All-Area.


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“Training with End Line Training Systems has taught me more than I ever new about myself. When I say myself, I’m referring to my flexibility, mobility, weaknesses, and strengths. I learned that it’s not just about being strong. It’s about what things are making you not strong and how to fix those things. Come ready to work.”
Elliot Dole- Malone University-  Irvine All-City Team Offense,  All-PCL (Pacific Coast League) Second Team.


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“Training with Keith, in one word, has been unbelievable. I used to see women lifting ridiculous amounts of weight and was truly convinced that what they were doing was simply unattainable. With Keith’s help, I have achieved goals that I never imagined possible. My strength has taken tremendous leaps and my overall knowledge regarding weightlifting and fitness in general continues to grow because of Keith’s expertise. 

The first time I ever maxed out on deadlifts with Keith, I hit 155. At the time, this was huge to me; I had never really touched a barbell prior to training with Keith. My most recent deadlift PR is 325. When learning to squat, 65 pounds seemed like the weight of the world on my non-existent traps. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I’d easily be squatting over 200 pounds. The strength I’ve gained because of Keith’s help has given me more confidence than I knew existed and I couldn’t be more thankful.”
Kayla Perry- Psychology Major at Western Illinois University.


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“I played football with Keith at Western Illinois so I’ve gotten to know him on a personal level. Everything he does with his programs and work is done with so much passion. I’ve never met someone who cared so much about what they are doing. When I finished playing football I was 330 lbs. I got onto Keith’s program weighing in at 310. At the end of my 12-week workout I weighed in at 245. All I did was follow his program and I didn’t take short cuts. I couldn’t believe that I did that well. Keith knows what he is doing. If you give the man a chance follow his workout then you will undoubtedly see results. Any time that I had a question I could just text him and he would answer me. I could text him at 3 in the morning; chances are he would answer if it was important. No matter what the question was even if it was stupid he answered with great detail. I’m currently starting another 12 week program from Keith and I can’t wait to see the results this time around. If you’re serious about your body and getting into shape then look no further than end line training.”

Ryan Bischoff- Western Illinois University- Law Enforcement Major
“In terms of information, Keith shares his wealth of knowledge effectively. In my experience with him every session wether on the field or in the weight room was packed with information. He explained the benefit of each drill and lift so I never needed to question why I was doing things a certain way. He taught me how to be a better player by conditioning my min to think about football in a new way. He stresses consistency and getting better every day. And it’s this message that I still carry through life. Thanks to Keith I have a love for fitness not only working out for football!”

-Kellen Hodgson

“Working with Keith was one of the best things I have ever done with my life. He put me on the fast track to living healthy, all the while making and hitting several of my weight lifting goals. I gained 20 pounds, getting to 205 using Keith’s End Line Training method. I went from a max of 235 to 305 on bench, and nearly added 100 pounds to my squat and deadlift maxes as well. Getting to know keith on a personal level as a friend, and as my physical preparation coach was by far the best thing I could have done for myself in college.”

-Jesse Mossell- Online Client


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